Daughter of the Dragonriders

What would happen if Aria gave into her feelings for Eargon? What would happen if Eargon, told Aria how he truly felt? Would they have a kid? A child of two very powerful, and from very old bloodlines, would this kid change the world as they knew it?


5. A Storm is Coming

Aria and Eragon looked each other and frowned. Aria was the one that spoke to me while Eragon looked away.

“Sweetie, even in Ellesméra, you will always stick out, even in the Dragon Rider training,” that is when we looked at Eragon, whose head snapped at us. His fury though wasn’t at me, but was at Mommy or Aria as she is known to others.

“The dragon egg chose out daughter? That is why we gave her to this ignorant couple, and she still got chosen. How could you let that happen?” that is where I snapped.

“Eragon! Enough, it is not her fault, so how about you back off and shut the fudge up!!!” my dragon was cowering in the corner hiding from what she was feeling from me. I was beyond angry. “Eragon, you might be a mere farm-boy, which saved the Varden, killed Galbatorix, and found the lost dragon, but you are in my kingdom! Treat my mother right,” with that nature was growing out of control all over the throne room, Eragon finally shut up. “I am Annabell, Halfling, daughter of Eragon Bromson, Shadeslayer, Kingkiller, Aria daughter of the Queen of Ellesméra, I am Dragon Rider, and one does not blow up, insult, or hurt my family, and gets away with it. Hurt me fine, but hurt my family. No one can control a storm, I am the storm,” with that I walked to Saphira and hit Eragon off her back. “Blow up at my mother again and it will be much worse, and that is not a threat, but it is a fudging promise,” Saphira growled as my dragon and I walked away.



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