a collection of short stories i will write.
**note that none of these stories will be edited


2. cobwebs

What happened to fimilar faces that I've come to miss?


Cobwebs covered the front door of the old house and I heard Emily shudder from behind me.


"Man up, wimp." I hiss.


"I'm a girl!" She whispers in a harsh tone.


"Why the hell are you whispering? We're alone!" I give her a look.


She looks at me like I'm mentally ill. "There could be ghosts here."


"You-- Oh my God, spare me." I muttered. "Shut up and follow me."


I pull the cobwebs away with my bare hands, flicking a Daddy Long Legs off of my wrist in the process. Emily almost loses her lunch.


I turn the doorknob and push inwards on the door, but it doesn't budge.


"Come on now," I mumble.


I kick the door right next to the rusty-gold knob and the hinges give in and the door collapses.


"Ah, yes," I sigh in content as I step into the old, vacant house.


Emily hesitantly follows me and almost breaks her neck when a group of bats fly over us and out the door.


"Momma's home!" I shout loudly for no reason in particular.


"You don't even live here," Emily states.


"Yet!" I correct with a crooked grin on my face.


"What's that supposed to mean?" A voice asks.


An idea pops into mind and Emily shrieks loudly.


"Who was that?!" Emily screams.


"Why, it was me!" An old woman replies from the main room.


"Hi, ma'am." I reply without hesitating.


Emily books it, probably running home.


"Is this place still vacant?" I ask.


"Still? Darling, I've lived here for 140 years." She replies.


"That's-- That's impossible, ma'am. You seem in your eighties at least." I chuckle.


"Lies!" She shrieks in a demonic voice, her face deforming and eyes turning to pools of black. "And now you'll be trapped with me!"

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