His Mom, My Mom

My mom had a friend since high school. They talk all the time over the phone and text each other. When my mom decided to finally visit her friend in England, I finally realized who it is. Harry Styles' mom.


11. What A Day!

Emily's P.O.V.

"Yes our moms are high school friends," I told Ashton for the fifth time.

"That's so awesome! Did you know before?," he asked.

"No, I realized it when I met his mom, the day we went to England," I said laughing.

"Ohhhhhh, haha, you must of been shocked," he laughed.

"I fainted," I admitted.

"Oh gosh really?"


"Emily! I've been looking for you!," Harry said out of breath coming to me.

"I'll leave you two alone, bye Em," Ashton said and kissed my cheek.

"Bye Ash," I smiled.

Harry took Ashton's seat.

I looked down at my drink and stirred it a little.

"I saw you with her," I said, not looking up.

"With who?"

"That blondie. Out in the garden, laughing your ass off with her," I said.

"Emily," Harry said placing his hand on mine, "That's Louis' sister, if you haven't seen her clearly."

I looked at him.

"W-what!?," I asked, shocked a bit.

"Who told you that it was someone else...someone must of told you," Harry said eyeing me.

"Erm, Taylor Swift," I said and looked down.

Harry chuckled.

I looked at him.

"Of course she did," he said and looked around the crowd.

I sighed a bit, but smiled, feeling happy that it was only Lottie, not some random girl.

"Wanna dance love?," Harry asked looking back at me.

"I'd love to!," I smiled at him.

He smiled big showing off his dimples and took my hand in his, leading me to the dance floor.

A slow song started playing, perrrrfect, and Harry wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me as close as possible to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

He leaned in so close, that our foreheads and noses were touching.

I closed my eyes and swayed with him to the music. Harry pulled his face away a tiny bit and put a lose piece of hair behind my ear.

He cupped my face and stroked it with his thumb, then he leaned in again.

My heart pounded, more like fluttered, whatever, it had wings that's for sure.

I bit my lip.

He looked at my eyes and my lips, back at my eyes and lips again.

I gave the slightest nod, and he leaned in even closer.

Our lips millimeters away from each other....

And finally, I felt his lips on mine.




His lips were so soft! 

We kissed for a whole ten seconds and Harry pulled away, smiling like an idiot.

I licked my lips, still trying to keep the feeling of his soft, warm lips on mine.

Harry pressed his forehead against mine, trying to read my mind, through my eyes.

I blushed a little.

"Thank you," he said.

"For what?," I asked, confused.

"For being who you are, for coming into my life," he smiled.

"Awe Harry," I giggled.

He chuckled deeply.

The song ended.

"Now everybody put your hands in the air, I repeat, put your hands in the air, and jump, jump, jump!," the DJ said and played a rock song.

Me and Harry danced away through the rest of the night.


"I'm so exhausted," I said, slamming face-down onto the bed.

"I'm so exhausted," Harry repeated and slammed himself face-down on the bed too.

I turned my head to look at him.

"Heyyy, don't you copy me," I pouted.

He chuckled and stuck his tongue out.

"Silly man," I giggled.

Within seconds Harry got himself on top of me.

"I might be your weirdo, but I'm not silly," he said, smirking a bit.

"But silly and weird are pretty much the same thing," I said innocently.

"Stop being so freaking cute!," Harry said.

"Sorry?," I giggled.

Harry groaned and slammed his lips to mine. I kissed right back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

Harry kissed my cheek then my jawline, and looked back into my eyes.

I giggled and twirled my finger around his long hair.

He smiled, and darn, Mr. Sexy appeared right in front of me.

I moved my hands lower, to his tie, and took it off, then slowly started unbuttoning his shirt, but stopped in the middle, looking back into his eyes.

He smiled and kissed me again, this time shorter and flopped down on his side again.

I sighed deeply and looked at him.

"This has been the best night ever," I smiled.

"I couldn't agree more," he smiled back.

"Can I asked one favor?," I asked, pointing one finger up.


"Unzip my dress," I said turning to my side.

He chuckled and pulled the zipper down.

"Thank youuuu," I said and hopped up holding the dress in the front and going to the bathroom to get changed.

"Wellllcomeeee," he said after me.

I giggled and got ready for bed. 

I looked at the time :  3: 43 am. Wow. That was one long party.

I brushed my teeth and put my hair up in a messy bun, then took off my make-up.

I walked out to see Harry putting his tuxedo in the closet, in his boxers.

"Oh gosh," I said and turned around.

Harry chuckled a bit.

"Don't tell me you never googled 'Harry in his boxers' to see me half naked, I'm pretty sure you've seen me like this before" Harry chuckled.

"Shush," I said, blushing, not turning around.

"Okay you can turn around now," he said.

I turned around and he was wearing his joggers.

"Now no more spying on me okay?," he chuckled, getting into bed.

"I wasn't spying! And go brush your teeth!," I scolded.

"Yes mum," Harry said and walked to the bathroom.

I giggled and got under the covers, taking a deep breath in.

What a day this has been! 

I almost feel asleep, but was shaken out of it, by Harry getting into bed.

I felt him wrap an arm around my waist and pull me into his chest.

"Goodnight beautiful," he whispered into my ear.

"Goodnight handsome," I whispered back.

He gently kissed my neck and squeezed my hand.

I smiled and fell asleep.




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