His Mom, My Mom

My mom had a friend since high school. They talk all the time over the phone and text each other. When my mom decided to finally visit her friend in England, I finally realized who it is. Harry Styles' mom.


36. Wattpad

Heyoooo lovely people!!!!!

So I decided to share this story with even more people, since this book came this far, so, I posted it on Wattpad...and it would mean the world if you guys could go over there (if you have an account) and like or fav it....it would mean so much! And about the sequel to "What About Love, What About Our Promises", all I can say, is that I'm working on it. Slowly but surely. Keep your hope in me. Buttttt also....

New stories coming in 2017, check out my blog on my home page here...on this site ;) <3 

As always I love you tons and I'll never ever stop <3

"All the love" xoxoxo


PS. I'll post the link to my wattpad page in the comments below :)


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