His Mom, My Mom

My mom had a friend since high school. They talk all the time over the phone and text each other. When my mom decided to finally visit her friend in England, I finally realized who it is. Harry Styles' mom.


3. Walk With Harry

Emily's P.O.V.

After dinner, I went to change into something more "Evening type".

I put my skinny jeans on, and a white lose over-the-shoulder shirt.I let my dark brown hair out of the ponytail I've been wearing all day and put my make-up on. I put my sandals on and grabbed my bag, walking downstairs.

Harry was already waiting dressed in his oh-so-famous, tight black jeans and a shirt with hibiscuses on it.

"Emily...you look....so...beautiful!," Harry said scanning me up and down.

"Thank you," I blushed, "You look very handsome yourself."

He smiled big.

"Can I escort you for an evening walk in Holmes Chapel?," he asked, holding out his hand.

I giggled and nodded, taking his hand.

We walked out and into the street, towards the side-walk.

"So I didn't mention it, but Niall and Louis are staying in the hotel near by. Wanna go and visit them?," Harry asked, looking down at me.

I bit my lip and nodded.

"What, are you nervous?," Harry said chuckling a little.

"Oh hush will you," I said.

Harry stopped in his tracks. I looked up at him. He looked me in the eyes, and we stood there for like a minute or so.

"Um....I .....uhhh," Harry said scratching his head.

I cleared my throat.

"So about the boys and meeting them. Act normal, be yourself. You have a great personality, I'm sure they'll love you," Harry said, starting to walk again.

"Okay, I'll try to," I said.

We reached the hotel and walked into the lobby. 

"Hello and welcome! Can I help you?," the lobby woman said.

"Yes please. Could you tell me what room Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson are staying in?," Harry asked.

"Room 378, fourth floor," she said smiling.

"Thank you," Harry said and took my hand in his, giving it a tight squeeze.

"You are very welcome," the lobby woman said.

Harry lead us to the elevator and pressed the fourth floor.

"Remember, just be yourself," Harry smiled, noticing I was a bit nervous again. 

I nodded. Meeting Harry was a HUGE thing today but now meeting two other members of the band was sorta getting at me. To be honest I am a pretty shy person, I only try to sound cool and push my shyness aside.

The elevator came to a stop and we walked down the hallway.

"Room 376, 77, AHA! Room 378!," Harry said and looked at me.

I bit my lip.

"Hey, it's okay. They're only two crazy boys," Harry winked and knocked on the door.

My heart started beating a little faster.

"COMING!," I heard a familiar Niall voice.

"Ello!," he said and swung the door open.

"Hey bro," Harry said.

"Hazzzzzzzz," Niall said and they embraced each other. 

I bit my lip again and smiled a little.

"And this must be....Emily? Right?," Niall asked looking at me.

"How do you know?," I asked.

Niall pointed at Harry who already entered the room.

"Oh...news spreads pretty quickly I guess?," I said.

"Haha yeah," Niall laughed.

"C-can I hug you?," I asked. Stupid question Em! Stupid question!

"Of course! Only come inside," Niall said, gesturing for me to enter.

I blushed and went inside. Niall closed the door and turned to me. 

Before I could do anything or say anything, he wrapped his arms around me.

OH GOD! HORAN HUG!!!!!! I was getting a freaking Horan hug!

I hugged him tightly back.

He smiled and looked down at me.

"Harry was right, you are cute," Niall winked.

"He said that?," I asked.

"Mhmm, and he called you hot," Niall said.

"Oh gosh," I blushed.

"HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!," Louis came running to me and picked me up and swirled me around, then hugged me tightly.

"Oh hello Louis," I giggled.

He let go of me.

"So what were you "Oh gosh"-ing about?," he asked.

"That Harry called her hot," Niall said.

"NIALL!," Harry said coming towards us.

I blushed again.

"And that Harry thinks Emily's cute," Niall continued.

This time I saw Harry blush.

"Ahw, don't listen to him," Harry said.

Louis and Niall laughed out loud.

"I should of never came here," Harry said.

"Sorry bro...but your face!," Niall laughed.

Harry waved his hand and dropped down on his back on the bed.

Niall picked me up and carried me over to where Harry was laying, Louis following.

"You know lovers need to stay together," Louis said as Niall laid me down next to Harry.

"Oh come on guys! Cut it out!," Harry said, sitting up.

They both started laughing again.

I sat up and criss-crossed my legs getting one of the pillows handing it to Harry. 

Harry looked at me confused. I nodded towards the laughing boys.

Harry smirked and threw the pillow at them.

"Awe, what was that for?," Niall said throwing the pillow back at Harry.

I giggled and threw another pillow at him.

"OH IT'S ON!," Niall said and threw it back at me.

We all started pillow fighting each other.

With one swing Niall tripped over his beer bottle and it came crashing down on the tile floor.

"I think that's the sign to stop," I said, putting my pillow down.

"Yeah," Harry agreed.

"So me and Niall will clean the mess up, you guys go enjoy your evening stroll," Louis said, smiling.

"Okay," Harry said and walked to the door.

I looked at the shattered pieces and tried to walk over them. Harry looked at me struggling and came over.

"Come here," he said and picked me up, carrying me over.

I heard Louis make a kissy noise. Harry put me down on my feet and opened the door, glaring at Louis as we walked out.

I blushed as he turned to me.

"Sorry about them," he apologized.

"It's okay Harry," I said, gently touching his arm.

He looked at the sudden contact of our skin and I bit my lip. He looked up making eye contact.

The sudden ringing of my phone spoiled the moment.

I looked at the caller ID.

"Mom's calling," I sighed.

"Answer then," Harry said and lead me to the elevator.

"Hello mom," I said.

"Hi honey, how are you guys doing?," she asked.

"Good mom, good," I said, rolling my eyes a bit.

"Okay, I'm just calling that Anne, Robin, and I are not going to be home tonight. We decided to have some fun tonight," mom said, giggling like a teenager.

"Oh, when will you be back?," I asked.

"We're still not sure, but definitely not tonight," she answered.

"Okay, I'll tell Harry then," I said. Way to go! First night in Harry's mom's house and my mom goes out, leaving me alone with the curly boy.

"Alright then honey, bye," mom said and hung up before I could even say "bye".

Harry gave me a confused look, which I found way to cute.

"Mom said she, your mom, and Robin went out to "have fun", and won't be home tonight," I said looking at him.

"Interesting," Harry said and walked out of the elevator. I got out to following him outside.

"Want to go back then?," he asked.

"I guess...what time is it?," I asked.

"Almost ten," he answered.

"Yeah I think it's best to head back," I said.

He smiled and took my hand in his. 

We walked back towards the house, but I felt someone following us. 

I clung onto Harry's arm, which made him look down at me.

"I feel like we're being followed," I whispered.

Harry turned his head to look behind us, then he stopped in his tracks.

I could hear rustling. I held onto his arm tighter. Harry took his jacket off that he brought along with him and wrapped it around me, then held me close and kept walking. Soon he picked me up and quickened his steps.

"Harry who is it?," I asked in a whisper.

"Love I know as much as you do," he answered.

My heart fluttered when he used the word love.

I rested my head on his shoulder, still hearing the noise.

Harry swirled around.

"Okay whoever is following, get your damn ass out here so I can have a clear view of you," Harry said.

My eyes widened and I held onto Harry closer.

Some dude walked out of the bushes.

"Hello, can I help you?," Harry asked.

The stranger walked closer to us.

"Hi can I have your autograph?," he asked, "For my daughter?"

Harry tried to keep his laughter in as he put me down on my feet. A forty year old guy was following us for this!?

Harry took the paper and signed.

As he was giving it back, the stranger pulled out a gun.

"Now go home," the stranger said, grabbing my arm and pointing the gun at Harry.

Harry within seconds punched the guy in the face and picked me up running home.

I started crying quietly and once we were safe, in the house, I cried loudly.

"Shhhh, darling it's okay," Harry soothed me, placing me on the couch.

He got up but I pulled him back down.

"Please stay here," I sniffed.

"I will love, just let me close the front door," he stroked my face.

I nodded and curled into a ball.

Before he returned I fell asleep, exhausted from the long, interesting, shocking, day.



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