His Mom, My Mom

My mom had a friend since high school. They talk all the time over the phone and text each other. When my mom decided to finally visit her friend in England, I finally realized who it is. Harry Styles' mom.


31. Tattoo's

Emily's P.O.V.

~ next day  ~

Me and Harry were walking hand in hand in downtown Miami.

"Wanna go into one of the shops maybe?," Harry asked, looking into the windows.

"Ehh," I said.

"C'mon...I wanna buy you something," he smiled.

"Okay then. But you pick a shop," I said.

Harry quickly scanned the names of the shops, and his eyes stopped on one.

"Babe?," he asked.


He looked straight into my eyes.

"What if we got matching tattoo's?," he asked, his eyes sparkling.

I blinked and thought for a while.

"Does it hurt much?," I asked, finally.

"No...it's sorta uncomfortable but you get used to it," he said.

"I don't know Harry...where would I get it?," I asked.

"Anywhere you like," he smiled.

I smiled back.

"C'mon, it won't hurt to just go in and see what they have," he said.

I nodded and we went into the tattoo store.

Harry took me to a wall where they had millions of tattoo options. 

Birds, animals, roses, trees, ships...and  the list went on and on.

One tattoo caught my attention.

"Harry...what do you think of this one?," I asked.

Harry looked to where I pointed.

It was cursive writing that said:

"Forever and Always"

With hearts on the sides.

Harry smiled.

"I would add one more thing though," he said.


"An 'H' underneath for you and an 'E' for me," he smiled lovingly at me.

 I almost squealed with excitement.

"So you wanna get them?," Harry asked.

"Yes, yes, yes!," I said, smiling.


I looked at myself.

"On my right wrist," I said.

Harry looked at his.

"Perfect place," he smiled.

We went to the guy that worked there.

"Hello guys, what can I get for you today? Or should I say tattoo for you today?," he said, smiling.

Harry chuckled.

"We would like a special order tattoo," Harry said.

"Okay and what would it be?"

"A couple tattoo. In cursive writing 'Forever and Always'. But I get an initial 'E' and my girlfriend gets an initial 'H', underneath it," Harry explained.

The guy nodded his head and wrote it down.

"And where would you like it?," he asked.

"On our right wrists," I said this time.

Harry looked at me and smiled big, squeezing my hand.

"Okay, we'll charge you after the whole thing, come back this way," the guys said and led us to a room where there were two chairs and a bunch of tools.

Harry seemed relaxed, but I tensed up a bit.

The guy sat down in one of the chairs.

"Who's first?," he asked.

"Em?," Harry asked.

I gulped and sat down.

Harry knelt down next to me and held my left hand in his.

"First tattoo?," the guy asked me.

"Yeah," I nervously laughed.

"It's okay, it don't hurt that much," he winked.

He put something oily on my hand and spread it around.

I turned my head from my arm to Harry's face.

He looked up at me, and his other hand put a lose strand of hair behind my ear.

"Okay here it goes," the guy said and started doing the tattoo.

I bit my lip hard, and squeezed my eyes tightly. Harry stroked my other hand, whispering to me.

"It's okay babe, it won't take that long trust me." 

I opened my eyes and fixed them on his face.

Harry's eyes flew from my arm to my face and back to my arm.

Short while later, he smiled big.

"All done!," the guy said.

I quickly looked at my new ink.

I smiled big and two tears formed.

Harry hugged me.

The guy put duct tape on it.

"You can take the tape off after four hours," he said.

I nodded.

"Okay, Harry," the guys said.

Harry sat down relaxed and the guy started his tattoo.

I walked around the room inspecting things.

Harry's tattoo seemed to take longer, and I found out why.

"All done!," the guy said.

I looked at Harry's tattoo.

He didn't just get one. No. He got "Emily" tattoo'd on his arm too.

"Harry!," I gasped.

He smiled, and got up.

I hugged him tightly.

"You didn't have to do that," I said.

"But I wanted to," he smiled again.

We went out of the room to the counter to pay for the tattoo's.

We walked back outside to see the sun setting on the water.

"I just realized how mad mom and dad are going to be," I said.

Harry shrugged.

"It can't be undone right?," I asked.

"No, well actually it can but it costs a lot of money, and I heard it's more painful then getting one," he said.

"Oh. But I'll never ever want to get it undone," I said smiling.

"Me neither," Harry said.

I looked up at him and smiled big. He stopped walking and pulled me close to him.

"I love you Emily," he said.

"I love you too Harry Styles," I said.

He leaned in and kissed me hard.





Hey guys. Just wanted to inform you that this is the chapter before the final chapter. I know it's sad that this story is almost over, but hey!, I might do a sequel...hint, hint, ;) Anyways, thank you again for the support blah, blah, yeah I talk about it a lot....and yeah. Talk to you in the final chapter, which I'll update by next Sunday, or earlier. :)

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