His Mom, My Mom

My mom had a friend since high school. They talk all the time over the phone and text each other. When my mom decided to finally visit her friend in England, I finally realized who it is. Harry Styles' mom.


6. Plane Flight

Emily's P.O.V.

Me and Harry were already on the plane off to California.

"Nervous?," Harry asked looking at me, before the plane took off.

"No, I'm never nervous about plane trips," I admitted.

"That's good. I can take you more places then," he winked.

I blushed. He took my hand in his as the plane started taking off. When we were in the air already I brought his hand closer to me to look at his rings on his hand.

"That one was from my mom. I bought that one in Paris," he told me.

I nodded and smiled.

"They're really pretty," I said.

"Thank you love," he smiled.

"Oh MY GOD! CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH!?," a girl screamed, from the seat in front of us. She looked one year younger then me.

"Of course," Harry half smiled and signed her album.

"Thank you so much! I love you so much! You guys are the greatest in the world!," she said.

"Thank you," Harry smiled.

"Can we take a picture too?," she asked.

"Yes, Emily can you take it?," Harry asked.

"Certainly!," I smiled.

The girl looked at me and made a weird face, as she gave me her phone.

"Smile," I said as I clicked the camera.

"One more please!," the girl begged.

I took one more.

"Thank you so much!," she said and hugged Harry tightly.

Harry hugged her back.

The girl snatched the phone from me and looked at the photos I took.

I sighed and sat back down in my seat.

"You okay?," Harry asked.

"Yeah, just tired," I lied.

Harry stood up and pulled out his jacket from his hand-bag. He sat back down and put it around my shoulders. 

"So you don't get cold," he winked.

I smiled at him and put the jacket on.

"Thank you," I said.

He winked and slid down a bit in his chair, closing his eyes. 

I decided to take a nap too.


"Please fasten your seat belts we shall be landing in ten minutes," the captain said.

I yawned and looked at Harry who was putting his seat belt on. I found mine and tried to clip it together.

"Let me help," Harry said, clipping the belts together.

I smiled at him.

We landed safely and got our luggage.

"I'm back homeeeeeee," I said dancing around.

Harry chuckled as he called a taxi.

I got my phone out texted Jessica that I was back in Cali.

"The van should be here soon," Harry said, chuckling.

"What's so funny though?," I asked.

"Nothing," Harry said, trying to look serious.

"Okaaaaayyyyy," I said and jumped on him hugging him.

He hugged me tightly back.

"I'm so happy our mom's are high school friends," I said looking into his eyes.

"Me too," he agreed.

That made me blush and I let go of him.

"Hey they're here!," Harry said, looking out the glass sliding doors.

I noticed a lot of paparazzi's outside.

"Hold my hand tightly and DON'T let go," Harry said.

I nodded, getting a bit nervous.

We clambered into the car and I realized that I was holding my breath this whole time.

"Breathe love, breathe," Harry said, squeezing my hand. 

Then I realized that we were in a van, with not one, but five other people.

I gasped as Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Mark all said hi.

"How are you Emily?," Louis asked.

"Good thank you, a little freaked out with the whole camera thingy out there, but good, you?," I asked.

"Good babe," he said.

Harry glared at him.

"What?," Louis said.

Harry rolled his eyes and looked back at me.

Liam got up and sat down next to me.

"Hi," he smiled.

"H-Hi," I said.

"It's okay, don't be nervous, I'm only Liam," he winked.

I giggled.

"So did you have a nice flight?," he asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Good, okay guys rehearsals are today at eight pm. It's four now, so four more hours until we meet at the rehearsals place, I believe it's in the Staples Center...but I still need to check that" Liam said to the boys.

"Did you book us a room?," Harry asked Liam, pointing to me and him.

I blushed a bit. I haven't thought about sharing a room with Harry.

"Yes, Jacuzzi is included," Louis burst out.

"Louis!," Liam scolded.

"But it is," Louis said.

I blushed even more and whispered to Harry.

"Was that a special request or something?"

Harry blushed deeply red.

"I want you to relax, while I'm gone," he said.

"You're so sweet," I said giggling.

He blushed even more.

"HEEEEEYYYY Hazza's blushingggg," Louis pointed out.

"Shut up," Harry mumbled.

I noticed Zayn looking at me, smiling.

"Hi," I smiled at him.

"Hey, nice to meet you Emily," he said.

"Nice to meet you too Zayn," I said, smiling.

"We all need a group hug after we get out of this crabby car," Louis said.

I giggled.

"It's not crabby to me," Niall said.

"It's tight though," Harry said.

"Yeah because you brought Emily. Let her sit on your lap and maybe it won't be tight," Louis said.

"Um, she sits where she chooses to sit," Harry said.

"Sit on his lap," Liam whispered to me.

I blushed and he pushed me a little.

I nodded and got up and sat down on Harry's lap.


Harry looked at me and I shrugged. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me. I leaned back and felt his breathing near my ear.

Louis made smoochie noises, but I just rolled my eyes.

We finally reached the hotel and got out of the van, inside,  through the back entrance.  

"Where are our rooms?," Harry asked, holding my hand in his.

"Sixth floor," Liam smiled as we all filled into the elevator.

"I'm tired, my flight was a bit delayed," Niall yawned.

"So was mine," Zayn said.

"Okay, so we'll all meet in the lobby at seven fifteen, okay?," Liam said.

"Okay," all the boys replied.

"Is Emily gonna come?," Louis asked.

"No, I want her to relax and get ready for tomorrow night," Harry said. I nodded in agreement.

 "Awe," Louis pouted.

I giggled.

We reached the sixth floor and we all went separate ways.

"Mark will bring our luggage later," Harry informed me.

"Okay," I said as he opened the door to our room.

It was HUGE!

"Harry did you get the pent house?," I asked.

He blushed and nodded.

"I made Liam get it for me," Harry said.

I blushed too.

"Love, I'm going to take a nap again, I really need it," Harry said. My heart fluttered when he said 'love' again.

"Okay, I guess I'll just....um......text Jessica!," I exclaimed, remembering about her.

"Jessica?," Harry asked confused, taking his shoes off.

"My bff," I told him.

"Is she a directioner too?," he asked.

I nodded.

"What does she looked like?"

"Well, she has light brown hair, blue eyes, she's tall, but not super tall, skinny like me," I said.

I found a picture of us, taken not long ago.

"This is her," I said showing him.

"Mhmm, you see Niall has no one to take to the AMA's....," Harry hinted.

"YES! OH PLEASE LET HER COME!," I exclaimed.

"Hold on then," Harry chuckled and walked out of the room, taking my phone with him.

He returned and nodded, laying down.

"OH THANK YOU, THANK YOU!," I said jumping on top of him.

"You're welcome," he smirked.

"Sorry," I giggled and got off.

"It's okay," he smiled.

I smiled and laid down next to him.

"Since this is a pent house, why is there only one bed?," I asked.

Harry blushed.

"Harry?," I said.

"I don't know," he said, smiling, but I saw a smirk on his face.

I giggled and texted Jessica what news I had for her.

She's gonna be exciteeeeeddddddd!



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