His Mom, My Mom

My mom had a friend since high school. They talk all the time over the phone and text each other. When my mom decided to finally visit her friend in England, I finally realized who it is. Harry Styles' mom.


17. 4 A.M. ?

Emily's P.O.V.

"What?," my mom said, looking at me as if I'm going mad.

"He called Harry a dickhead, shithead, and a fuck boy," I said.

"Michael did you really?," mom said looking at dad.

"Because it's true," dad said.

"Harry?," mom said.

"Well how else was I suppose to react when he almost had sex with our daughter?," dad said.

"Emily!," my mom gasped, looking at me.

"What?," I said.

"You two did not....?"

"Dad interrupted so no," I coolly said.

"Emily we've talked through this! You can't have sex now! After marriage ONLY!," mom said, raising her voice.

"Stop making choices for me! Dad wants me to get a fucking business career which I damn well don't want. And you keep treating me like a five-year-old. This is my life!," I said, tears starting to brim my eyes.

"But you and Harry just met! You don't know each other!," she yelled.

"I know him perfectly well and you know that!"

"Through media. But not the real him!"

"And what is there to know about me Mrs. Victoria?," Harry asked.


"What are you going to do about it?," I asked.

"Emily don't you use that tone!," mom yelled.

"I'm taking you with me to Russia. You can help me with the work," dad said, finally speaking up.

Mom looked at him and back at me.

"Yes. That settles it," mom said.

"Never will I go to Russia especially with you," I said, looking at dad.

"Oh and what will you do to make me stop? Your mother is on my side," dad smiled devilishly.

"FUCK YOU BOTH!," I cried and ran upstairs.


Harry's P.O.V.

"FUCK YOU BOTH!," she said and ran upstairs.

I looked after her longing to follow her and I did until...

"HARRY!," Emily's mom yelled.

I turned around and walked down the two steps I just got on.

"Yes?," I asked.

"Don't go after her," she said.

My heart dropped.

"Why can't I?," I asked.

"BECAUSE, it's our daughter and we give you no more permission to see her," Emily's dad yelled.

I looked at him.

"Harry go to your room. YOUR room," Emily's mom said.

I sighed and made my way up the stairs. I looked at Emily's closed door, hearing sobs from it.

I thought about what her parents just told me.

"Fuck it," I said and approached her bedroom door, my hand reaching for the doorknob.

"HARRY! I CAN SEE YOU!," Emily's dad yelled, walking up the stairs.

I quickly turned around and walked to my room, slamming the door hard and locking it.

I pressed my back against the wall and slid down, my eyes getting wetter and wetter. Soon tears were rolling down my cheeks.

Why hasn't she told me that her parents are strict?

I heard loud sobbing from Emily's room. I walked to the wall and knocked gently.

"H-harry....," I heard her say, and she knocked back.

I pressed my forehead against the wall, shutting my eyes tight, longing to hug her now.

"I love you Emily," I said.

I don't think she heard cuz I heard her door open and .....

"Pack your bags Emily, your leaving with dad tomorrow morning." 

Emily's mom.

"NO!," I heard her yell.


And then the door slammed and footsteps to my room.

"Harry open the door," she said.

I walked over to the door, opening it half way.

"Yes?," I asked.

"Don't go near her. I know she should of not came here, met you. I didn't want this to happen. She can't be with you," Emily's mom said.

"Why not?," I asked.

"Our family rules," she said back.

I crooked my head sideways.

Emily's mom just nodded her head and went downstairs.


I tore the door open and walked straight into Em's room, locking it behind me.


Emily's P.O.V.

He stormed into the room, locking the door behind him, and turned to face me.

I could tell he had been crying too.

"Em," he whispered and came to my side.

I literally jumped into his arms, sobbing.

"Don't let me go Harry, please," I begged.

"Shhhhh love," he said, holding me close.

"I don't want to leave! I can't! I love you!," I cried.

"I know baby, I know," he said.

He pulled away and pressed his forehead against mine.

"Pack your bags. At four am I'll come to your room. We'll escape," Harry said.

"Where?," I asked.

"California of course," he smiled, "We'll meet up with the other guys and forget about this."

"Okay," I said, sighing.

Harry kissed my forehead.

"Four am?," he asked.

I nodded.

"Four am," I answered.

Harry stroked my face with his hand, then kissed me gently again.

"Why didn't you tell me they're so strict with you? Your mom was okay, but now that your dad came she changed her thinking, and mind, and everything," Harry asked, confusing himself.

"Dad has an influence on her. They are both very strict at raising me up. I'm SICK of that. But, then again, I am their only daughter. Dad wants me to get a career and a suitable business job, and mom agrees. They both want me to be married to a rich lawyer, or something," I said sighing, playing with his hand in mine.

"I hate to use the words 'rich', but I am kind of 'rich' ," Harry said.

"I know. They just think you're a reckless boy or something. That you use up a girl every night and all that. And mom is totally WAY to strict about my virginity, even if it's mine," I sighed.

Harry sighed too, and stroked my face.

"When I was younger I always wanted to run away from them. Their strictness got the hell at me. But that's when I started liking One Direction and you guys made it possible for me to keep my head held high and deal with it. Your music getting me through hard times, the lyrics of the songs locked deep in my heart, and the five guys that saved my life. And the one I fell in love with....," I looked deep into Harry's eyes.

Harry smiled big, as his eyes got wet. 

"I'm glad that we helped you, even if we were not there personally," he said.

I nodded and leaned in closer to him, hugging him tightly, letting the tears fall again.

"HARRY I WARNED YOU TO NOT GO NEAR MY DAUGHTER!," my dad banged on the door.

"Four am baby," Harry whispered, kissing me gently and walking to the door.

"Excuse me," Harry said to my dad and left to go to his room.

"Emily you better start packing," dad told me and slammed the door.

' Yeah,  I better start packing. Soon I'll be alone with One Direction and Jess in Cali again, ' I thought.

So I started packing, but grabbed my phone first.


"Hey Jessssssssss, you there girl????" -Em

"Yep, yep. Niall's with me, we're out on a stroll through Los Angeles. Waz up bestie?" -J

"Awweeeee :* Listen Jess me and Haz are going back to Cali, my dad returned from Russia and EVERYTHING got complicated. He walked in when me and Harry were about to, erm, do 'it', and he told my mom, mom flipped out and yeah. I can't stand it. Dad finally said that he's taking me to Russia with him so I can 'work and help him' and we're suppose to leave tomorrow. But, Harry came up with a plan to escape and fly over to Cali and that's exactly what we gonna do." -Em

"WOAH,  <3 Harry & Emily <3, TEAM EARRY....or does Hmily sound better. Or Emarry?" -J

"Oh shut it :P" -Em

"You go girl. Can't wait to see ya! <3 "-J

"Can't wait to see you either. Well I gotta pack then, byeeeee." -Em

"BYyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 :*" -J



Okay now I pack.


Hey guys! I'm here to interrupt a little bit (haha ;D), but who thinks that Infinity is ammmmaaazzziinnnggggg???????? And who's excited for "Made in the A.M." ;) ;)  I myself am sooooooo excitedddddddd, I don't think I'll survive 'till November 13th. Haha.

Okay so back to the story....WOAH.....we weren't expecting that now were we? What do you think will Emily and Harry escape or will they be caught???? 

Like, fav, comment to find out ;) ;D

Love you TONS! <3 <3 

PS. And thank you for all the kind comments (Yes, I do read them all ;) ) 

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