Fire // {h.s au}


Fire (n); a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame.


2. Part 1 - Chapter 1

PART 1 ~ Light

Chapter 1:

June 25,

It's been 6 days. I haven't told anyone and I don't want to. I'm afraid of what might happen to Zack if anyone finds out and I'm afraid of what might happen to me.

Will I be judged for this, or will people feel for me. All I know is I want to leave. I want to get out of this town so the haunting memory of 6 days ago disappears. I don't want to be known as the new girl in town anymore, and I don't want to be shoved aside like I was here. I want to make a name for myself. Meet someone and be happy. I want to find a job that I actually want.

This is all so much to ask for and unfortunately I'm not perfect nor will I ever be, so all I can do is dream for now.


"This is your captain speaking, we are clear for take off. We will be arriving in Boston in 2 hours and 40 minute. It will be a nice sunny afternoon and the approximate time of arrival is 1:48 pm."

My head fell back on the head rest as I put my earbuds in.

"I'm so excited! How about you?" The man sitting next to me tried to start a conversation but I shrugged him away and closed my eyes.

"Welcome to Boston everybody! It's a warm 85 degrees and it's 1:55 pm."

The airport was so busy. Men in suits, teenagers with headphones, kids crying. It was all so much. I walked out to the parking garage and picked up my rental car.

"2849 Seralin avenue." When I pulled up to the big building, I parked my car and walked in.

"Adeline Jones" I spout at the man behind the counter.

He picks up 2 keys and gives them to me "if you lose them it's $15 each to replace, take the elevator up and it's the 15th floor."

I follow his commands and the elevator opens up right in front of a brown door with the number 15 on it.

I'm here. And it's time to start my life.

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