Fire // {h.s au}


Fire (n); a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame.


5. chapter 4

Chapter 4

Addi POV~

I was pushed up against the wall of the elevator. His left hand had collected both of mine and they now rested above my head. His eyes trailed up and down my body and the elevator doors closed. Having forgotten to push the botton of a floor we weren't moving.

I was caught off guard by his free right hand trailing up my body.

Damn this felt good.

"Adeline, what turns you on?" He asked again.

"Harry, p-please." I begged.

"Tell me now." He said hoarsely in my ear. The raspiness of his voice sent goosebumps up my body.

"This. This turns me on." I stuttered. The burning gaze in his eyes turned into a firey stare.


The elevator snapped us back into reality by reminding us to press a floor number. He turned around and smacked the number 10 and the elevator started to move up. He was feeling my body up and down and we stayed like that till the elevator stopped.

"Care to join me?" He asked smirking.

"I uh....yea." I followed behind him. When he opened his door the loft was amazingly neat. The wooden beams above our head made it looks rustic, and the stone wall made it more modern. His bedroom area was above the front door just like mine and the kitchen was right in front of the door

"So, Adeline where do I begin?" He started.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Mrs. Jones, you exceptionally fit, and you have an ass that could stop traffic."

I blushed. "Thanks?" I questioned.

I didn't know what else to say, until his lips were on mine. I moaned and my mouth opened enough for his tongue to slip in and explore. My fingers traveled behind his neck and my thumbs went up near his temples. His right hand traveled down to my lover back and his left palm gripped my ass.

"H-Harry" I said pulling back from his embrace.

"Mrs. Jones?" The way he said my last name like that make me shiver.

"Harry what are you doing? We just met today."

"Let's just go into this blind. Let's get to know each other as we go. There's something about you that interests me and I need more of it. You can't tell me that kiss didn't feel amazing. You can't tell me that I'm not attractive, because I mean look at me."

The cockiness in his tone made me giggle.

My subconscious was telling me to back away and never talk to this guy again, but my heart was telling me to dive in.

"Okay..." I said hesitantly.

He smiled at me with a big smile.

What am I doing?

I asked myself.

Where was this going?

I just hoped that this didn't end up like it does in books. In heart break and sadness. Because I know if it does, I don't think I'll be able to clean myself up.

"Harry, I've been through heart break before and you are the fist guy I've kissed in 3 years since that bad time. Please don't hurt me."

"Adeline, I wouldn't dream of it."

"Please, call me Addi."

Who is this guy I had just thrown myself into a relationship with?

"I'll see you tomorrow Addi." He said as I walked out and back to the elevator. Oh god, here they come...the second thoughts...



BUT OMG THEY ARE TOGETHER? OK THAT WAS QUICK. JUST REMEMBER THE FIRST PART OF THIS BOOK IS CALLED "light". IM SO EXCITED FOR YALL TO KEEP READING BECAUSE THERE IS SOOO MUCH MORE TO GO! My plan is to have 2 more parts or if this book get enough views then I'll split the parts in to different books.


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