Fire // {h.s au}


Fire (n); a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame.


4. chapter 3

Chapter 3

Addi POV~

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* "fuuuuuck!" I groan from my bed.

It's time to start my new job! First day and I'm already late. Cool.

The shower soothe my nerves and I apply natural make up letting my hair dry naturally. Settling on a simple pencil skirt, and a neon pink blouse, I slip my pumps on and run out of the door.

"Sorry I'm late Jessica! I had a hell of a flight" I say to the receptionist who I've befriended.

"It's okay! Just hurry up and get to your desk! Mr.Jackman hasn't gotten here yet!" She whispers.

As I'm running to my new desk I spot a floppy haired boy sitting in an office about 5 offices down. He sips his tea, and goes to town on a few manuscripts. I should talk to him at lunch.

Finally I find my office and take a seat, pulling everything out that I need, and getting started on editing.

"You know it's not a good first impression." I hear from the door way.

"What are you talking about?" I say rudely with my head still down. There was no voice and I look up, only to see the curly haired boy in my door way.

"Don't worry I won't tell" he winks at me and a smirk covers his face, he walks away like nothing had happened and I'm left sitting in complete and utter shock. What?

I continue to edit, answer emails, run errands, and answer calls up until lunch. As I'm walking out to go get food, the boy catches up with me.

"You're a hard one to crack." He says confidently.

"Thanks." I say bluntly.

"I'm Harry. Chief executive editor. Don't worry my first day was today also."

"I'm Adeline Jones. Assistant Editor." We shake hands and he leaves me alone to eat, to think about what just happened. I was left to marinate in my own thought. To say I was confused would be an understatement. I've never met this man in my life, and he's calling me a "hard nut to crack"? I'll show him.

I walk back to my desk a bit lighter and happier just to show him that I'm normal. When I looked over my shoulder I saw him chuckle at me. My eyes locked with his and the green of his eyes pulled me in like a moth to a flame. Wow. Stunning.

The day was about over and I was packing my things up to take back to my loft.

"hey do you want to grab some Panera?" Harry? I think his name was, said.

"Yea no problem let me just finish this"

He waited, and waited, and finally I was done. "Let's go!" I said walking past him.

"So why did you come to New York, Harry Styles chief executive editor?" I said with a witty tone.

"My school picked one person to work here, you had to have the best of the best grades, and a perfect attendance."

"Wow very studious!" I said amazed

"Oh it wasn't me! It was some nerdy ass guy named Ronald! I just came her because I love America!" His British accent went up a bit when he said America.

"Well why did you tell me about the school thing?" I whined

"I honestly don't know...I was going to tell you some long story about my voyage but then I decided not to fuck my chance...I mean my friendship up with you!"

Panera was amazing, I ordered my usual pick two; Cesar salad, and Mac and cheese. Harry ordered an organic turkey sandwich with guacamole on it. And it looked pretty bomb.

"Thanks for getting dinner with me! There's no one in my loft building that I can hang out with" I said at the door outside of Panera.

We said our good byes and parted ways my walk back was only about 30 minutes and when I finally reached the lobby I saw him.

"Harry? Did you follow me?" I said puzzled.

"I live here. 10th floor." He smiled and nodded his head towards the elevator signaling me to ride up with him.

"Hmm, interesting" I said stepping in and the doors closing.

"So Adeline, what turns you on?" He asked with a burning gaze in his eyes.

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