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Fire (n); a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame.


17. chapter 16.

Chapter 16

Harry POV~


I woke up to find Adeline pacing around my room, “what’s wrong?” I asked her.


She didn’t say anything and just pointed at her phone. So I walked over and picked it up only to find a picture of me and her lying in bed.


“Where did you get this?” I asked confusedly.


“I don’t think you should be asking where I got it…I think you should be asking who took it…” she was still pacing, but now she was stopped at my window, peering outside as if she saw something.


“Okay, who took it?” I asked, this time with more annoyance in my voice.


“Zack. He took it. I was just about to fall asleep and I got a text so I opened it and it said I cant move on from his that fast…Harry he’s gone insane.” I could tell she was trying to maintain her composure but as the last few words left her mouth, she broke down into tears.


“Come here” I said and she walked over to me. I embraced her in a hug, and tried to figure something out for tonight. “How about we sleep in your flat for tonight, yeah? There’s no windows by your bed, and its higher up so he cant see us.” She nodded and I stood up, still holding her in my arms. We both left my place and hurried to the elevator, once at her door she unlocked it and we both made our way to her bed.


“Goodnight Harry, I love you,” she mumbled as she fell asleep.


“Goodnight love,” I answered back.




“Harry wake up! I made breakfast!”


My nose was immediately filled with the sweet smell of syrup and waffles.


“Hey Ad, pack your bags.” I said, and she stood there just looking at me.




“We’re going to surprise my mum, and that whole situation last night, made now seem like the perfect time!”


“Harry I cant just pack up and leave for, god knows how long…I have work, and other thing that need to be done”


“Yea, you can do it when we get back…now hurry up our flight is at 2:00,”


After convincing her to come with me, she had 2 weeks worth of clothing with her, and, and her passport. This trip was going to be fun…


Addi POV~

It was so pretty!! England was my shit, and I was here with the one person that meant the most to me. I was so jet lagged from Boston to here and all I wanted to do was sleep and that’s what he let me do…JUST KIDDING!!


We pulled up to his house from the airport.

“You didn’t tell me you were rich!!!” I shouted. He laughed and looked at me. “My step dad is self made millionaire and my mum was in frozen…back up singer of course, I’ve never even seen the movie so I don’t really care…”


“Wait hold on. You what? Did you just say you haven’t seen frozen? That’s the first thing we are doing. I promise you that!”


He looked at me and laughed. “Get out you little booger” he said as he came around the side and opened the door for me.


“May I take your bags Mr. Styles?” a man said in a suit. “Greg, please show this beautiful girl to the guest house and no thanks I can get the bags. Just please pull around my golf cart!” he walked to the trunk and pulled out my bags.


I was in awe. How did this guy work at the same place as me?


“There’s sun dresses in the closet, it was my sisters, and I'm assuming you’ll fit into it,” he said sweetly. I was lost in his eyes, and his charm and everything about him. Greg pulled up in this golf cart. When he got out Harry put all the bags on the back, and I followed Greg to the guesthouse. “Wow” I said to myself.


“This isn’t even the beginning.” Greg said in my ear.


 When he opened the door in I walked into this big foyer. Wait was this the guesthouse? Because I would love to see what the main house looks like. I didn’t see Harry anywhere and he had my luggage…I didn’t mind. It was time to explore this house!!


The kitchen was giant, there were 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and it was 2 stories. I looked out the window to take in the surroundings, and I saw this perfectly chiseled body walking towards the house. Wait, it was Harry. Holy cow, his abs, ok. Ok. Ok. He was in grey sweat pants and had no shirt on.


“Hey Ad, I wanted to invite you to meet my mum and step dad at dinner tonight. But right now I’m going to work out.” he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and walked away. It looked like I was on my own for a few hours so I made my way to Harry's house and knocked on the door.


“Oh you must be Adeline!!! We hear so much about you on the phone!! Little Harold loves talking about you! But this is such a surprise, we didn’t think we would see you or him until Christmas!”


“There was a situation back at my place so Harry wanted to surprise you” I said smiling.


“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, and it’s so nice to finally meet the girl that Harry wont stop talking about”


 I blushed and asked her where my luggage was, and she led me up to Harry’s room. I looked for a few minutes and couldn’t find anything. I heard footsteps coming up the hallway. “Oh, little Harold is back!!” I teased.


“Shut up! I see you met my mum?” he asked with a smile on his sweaty face.


“She’s so sweet! And that dress you think will fit me? Yea nice try, your sister is like 2 sizes smaller than me.” I was consumed in a fit of laughter as Harry picked me up and spun me around, until we both landed on his bed.


“That guest house is going to get pretty lonely at night” he said looking into my eyes, “I feel like you need someone to protect you” he stood up and flexed his biceps, “don’t worry babe”.


“Harry I need to get ready for dinner, where is my stuff!” I stood up laughing again.


“I don’t want you to leave me” he snaked his arms around my waist and pressed his naked torso to my back, and rested his head on my shoulder. “It’s, in your room”


I thought long and hard about what to say next because I didn’t know how he was going to react.


“Get ready with me…” I turned around and looked into those emerald greens.


With that, we were out the door, down the stairs, and into the guesthouse in no time.


“Harry, you’re all sweaty, you can’t go to dinner smelling like that…”


“I’ll take a shower don’t worry! But…”


“But what?” I asked, already knowing the answer.


“Only if you take one with me…” he said shyly.






I'm so sorry this update took forever! I just started school and I’ve literally ben supper busy with cheer, and school, and yea!!! Hope you like this chapter! I know that them going to England was random but it will help the story!




yes, yes ^^ I know what you’ve all bee waiting for, so I'm going to make it a thing now to update on Sundays, so make sure you add this story to your library!!




Okay I'm having pizza for dinner! Gotta go! Love you all soooooo much! –M. xx


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