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Fire (n); a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame.


16. chapter 15.

Chapter 15:

Addi POV~


I looked at the clock in my room and it read 6:53. Harry would be picking me up in 7 minutes outside of the building and I still couldn’t find my shoes.

After looking for 5 more minutes I decided to use my black strappy heels, and I grabbed my clutch to leave. Once I was down in the lobby I think I waited for about 10 minutes, before I decided harry wasn’t going to show up. He was late and I was getting tired, so I started walking for the elevator door.


“Giving up so soon?” I heard the familiar British accent behind me. I turned around and saw Harry standing in a form-fitting suit, with roses in his hand.


“Sorry I'm late, but I couldn’t decide between roses or tulips” his shy smile was enough for me to rush over and fall into his embrace.


“I love them,” I said as he handed me the flowers. He took my hand and we walked outside to his black range rover where he helped me into the seat and closed my door.


“So where are we going?” I asked him as soon as the car started.


“Well, since I'm such good friend with the big guy at work, I pulled some strings and he made us reservations at 54 West.” He looked over at me and smiled his cute dimply smile, which in terms made me smile, and the night was going good so far.


We finally arrived at 54 West, and there was a line of at least 100 people waiting outside the door. Harry just walked right up and said his name and we were let right in. “oh my gosh its like your famous! We didn’t have to wait in line,” I said in shock, and he just laughed.


I was proud of my outfit because this was a really fancy restaurant. I was wearing a white halter dress, and my moms diamond earrings, with my black strappy heels, and some Marc Jacobs perfume.


“Welcome to 54 West, my name is Tyler and ill be taking care of you tonight. Can I start you off with a drink?”


“I’ll have a lemonade…” I said nervously because I'm still 20.


“I’ll have an old fashioned.” Harry said, and the waiter left.


We ordered our food and it was such a fun night because all we did was laugh at the other people in the restaurant, and talk about our past. I told Harry all about Zack, and how I was treated, and how I felt so amazing when I fist started dating him, but then as I started getting ready to leave Zack became really attached to me. Harry told me how his mom was re-married, and how his step dad Robin is an amazing guy, he also told me about his sister Gemma, and what its like back in London.


When we got back to his place, we both sat on the couch and turned a movie on.


“I had an amazing time with you babe” he said into my ear.


“I love you Harry, and I'm sorry for scaring you earlier today” I said looking up with my puppy dog eyes.


“Ad, you know I love you. I will always put you first, no matter what comes up, work, or friends. And I want you to see how much I love you…so I wanted to ask if, maybe, we could find our own place maybe?”


I was shocked, when no words left my mouth is when he started to back track.


“I mean if you want, you don’t have to, it was just an idea!” he said panicking.


“Harry, that’s such a big step, I just need to think about it.” I said with a smile on my face. He leaned down and gave me a kiss on the lips. This is the side of Harry that I love. The romantic, sweet caring side. Not the drunk, party, rude side.


My eyes started to drift shut, and I felt Harry’s arm rubbing mine. I laid my head on his chest, and drifted off to sleep by the sound of his heartbeat. His fingers were tangled in my hair and I knew I loved this boy more than anything so saying yes to moving in with him wouldn’t be a hard decision.

<< >>

I woke up in the middle of the night and I was in Harry’s bed, and he was on the couch.


“Baby, come to bed.” I said when I saw him uncomfortably moving on his sofa


“Are you sure? I didn’t want you to think I was forcing myself at you.” His sleepy voice hit me like a truck. Damn.


“Just come to bed, I cant sleep” I grabbed his hand and lead him to the mattress. When he laid down, I fell right next to him using him as my pillow, and wrapping my legs around him, but just as I was about to close my eyes, I got a text from someone. So I un tangled myself from an already passed out Harry, and looked at my phone.


Zack: *1 New Picture Message*


When I opened the picture it was of me and Harry laying in bed just now, taken from the outside window in Harry’s room, looking in. that’s when I got another message.


Zack: You don’t think you can replace me that fast right? :-) Goodnight Addi <3



Hi fam! Okay so sorry this update took forever I literally had terrible writers block, and I also had cheer camp, and schoolwork, and all that jazz. But wow cliffhangers for dayzzzzz! I love it! Wow!


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Okay I love everyone that has read this and sorry its so short! Make sure to like, comment, fan, and vote! Love you! –M. xx

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