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Fire (n); a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame.


15. chapter 14.



Chapter 14

Addi POV~


It was the day I dreaded the most. Actually sitting at my desk doing work. All the other days I had been here, I was in meetings and running around, so I couldn't just sit and think. 


Yesterday, Harry and I just relaxed in my apartment. I walked around in his shirt and I think I might have turned him on a bit because all he wanted to do was go back to bed and I just said no. 


Today, I wanted to look good so I decided on a pink coral colored dress, a white floral jacket and white heels. My hair was pin straight and my make up looked crisp. I couldn’t forget my moms’ diamond necklace. Once I was all ready, I packed my laptop up, and grabbed by purse, heading out the door. The elevator ride was super boring until it stopped at floor 10. I knew who was getting on.


“Hey babe” he said pulling me into his arms, and kissing my forehead.


“Hi!” I said with a big smile. We didn’t move from our position until the elevator door opened again and this time we were in the lobby. Harry offered to drive me to work, but I had to decline because I was supposed to go to lunch with a client.


“I’ll see you tonight?” I asked before he got into the car.


“Maybe. I might have to stay late to finish editing one of my client’s books,” he said. I frowned and looked down at my shoes. We never had time for each other, and I was getting tired of it. What’s the point of having a boyfriend if I only see him for a 2-minute elevator ride?


As I walked over to my car, Harry pulled up and rolled the window down, “you look smashing by the way. I'm surprised I made it through the elevator ride”


His words made me blush and he drove away.


The clock said 12:24. My lunch with this new client started at 12:30, and I was still on this conference call. “Excuse me everyone, I have a lunch appointment with a potential client. I say we publish 100 copies of the book, and see how they sell. If the sales are successful, then publish the standard amount. We can’t let this guy go, his story is phenomenal, and I think people everywhere will enjoy it. Thank you!”

I hung up the phone and made my way out of the office. Finally that took forever!


My phone buzzed and I didn’t hesitate to look at the text.


Harry: Babe, I'm going to try and make it home early tonight because I want to spend every available second with you! Love you. H xx.


Me: Yay! This just made my day so much better! I love you so much!!


I threw my phone into my purse and continued to my car. I arrived at the café in like 4 minutes so I still had time to fix my make up before I met this guy.


The waiter came up and asked if I wanted any food, so I ordered a small Caesar salad, and a turkey club. The man was late. This was not a good impression for the first meeting. A few minutes later a tall man with dark brown hair, and scruff on his face came up to the table.


“Adeline Jones?” he asked me.


“I am.” I held my hand out for him to shake and he did just that.


“I'm Aaron Forrester,” he said as I shook his big hand. I couldn’t help but notice that he was dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a jacket on. One would think to dress nice if you’re meeting someone important.


“So shall we discuss this book?” I said starting the conversation.


We talked about him giving me the wheel and taking control of his career. Ever since Harry talked the boss into promoting me, I’ve gotten a higher position that handles authors and promotes book tours.


Aaron and I talked for the next hour about possible destinations for his book release, and I discovered he’s a funny guy. The time finally came when I had to leave. It was 1:52 and I had to get back to work.


“Thank you so much for meeting with me today Mr. Forrester” I said getting up and smoothing my dress.


“Please call me Aaron,” he said with a smirk. My cheeks flushed and I walked away.


“Wait, Adeline, I need your phone number so I can get the info for the release.”


We exchanged numbers, and I left in a hurry to get back to the office. When I got back, I noticed a note on my desk, and quickly sat down to read it.


Hey baby, I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much, and when I get home tonight, we can do what ever you want because its just us. I called Papa Johns and they are delivering pizza at 7:30 so don’t worry about making anything. I want to stay in tonight because I never get time with just you.


All the love, -H x.


A smile instantly came to my face and I relaxed back into my chair. This was going to be a good day.


The clock on the stove struck 7:15. Where was he? The pizza would be here in 15 minutes, and still no sign of Harry. I didn’t freak out as much because I know he said he would try to get off.


It wasn’t until I heard my phone buzz; I knew he wasn’t going to be there.


Harry: Can’t make it sorry! x.


Me: I'm used to it. Don’t worry.


Harry: Babe I told you I would try.


Me: No Harry you told me you would be here.


Harry: Look I'm busy, can we talk about this later?


Me: sure. But will you cancel on me then like you did tonight?


Harry: I can’t do this right now. I'm busy.


Me: Of course you are. Bye Harry.


There was no reply after that and I sat on my couch waiting for my pizza.



Harry POV~

I can’t believe she would think I wanted to miss tonight. I was just so caught up in work drama, I totally missed the time, and I know by the time I wrap everything up, and get back to her, it will be 11:00.


The boss did invite me to dinner again, and since I'm not doing anything anymore I should probably go.


I pulled up to the restaurant and saw the crowd of people standing outside. Luckily for me, we had reservations.


“Harry Styles! The man of the hour!” he yelled when I walked up to the table.


“Haha sorry I'm late. Girlfriend problems!” I laughed.


“Don’t worry about your girlfriend here! Michelle can take care of you tonight!” I looked behind be and saw a beautiful 10/10 knockout walking my way.


“Awesome!” I said under my breath.


“Let’s get some drinks!” he yelled.


About 3 hours into the night, I was smashed. My head was throbbing, and my brain wasn’t working properly. Michelle was sitting on my lap, and was wearing my jacket. If Adeline was here, I would be toast. But she’s…no harry you can’t cheat on her. No matter how mad she makes you! I thought to my self.


“If you’ll excuse me! I have to get going!” I said standing up from the table. My eyes found my car, and I drove home. I swerved in and out of lanes, and sometimes going into the opposite lane a few times. I should’ve walked home but I wasn’t feeling exercise.

When I got into the building, I hit some number on the elevator, and with my luck the number was 15, Adeline’s floor.


The bell rang, and the doors opened up, to a man walking out of her apartment. He was tall and had brown hair, and was a scruffy boy.


“What the hell man?” I asked walking up to him.


“Oh you must be Harry! What a pleasure to meet you! I’ve heard great things about your work! I'm Aaron Forrester.” He held his hand out to shake but I ignored it completely.


“Fuck you man. Why were you coming out of my girls apartment?” I asked spitting.


“Dude, chill. She called me so we could discuss more about my book.”


I didn’t believe a word he was saying, so I just pushed passed him and stormed into her place.


“Harry? What are you doing here?” she said shocked.


“I know you’re fucking him!” I screamed.


“Harry keep your voice down please is almost 2! People are sleeping!” she whisper yelled.


“No! You got mad at me for canceling and then you call up some random asshole and fuck him? God you’re such a slut!” I yelled and immediately regretting it.



Addi POV~

“…God you’re such a slut!” he yelled and I could see the guilt and regret flash in his eyes.


I called Aaron over so we could keep talking about release dates, and possible tour options, which is why I'm dressed in a pantsuit and heels. Nothing happened and harry doesn’t believe me.


“Is everything okay?” Aaron came back in and asked.


I nodded and harry spoke out, “get the hell out scruffy boy!” he was drunk, so drunk I was surprised he made it home. I gave Aaron a reassuring look and he left closing the door.


“Harry, you can’t come in and accuse me of sleeping with someone I just met a few hours ago. Nothing happened I swear!” I reassured him.


His eyes were glazed over and I could see the redness along the outline of his eyes. I walked closer to him and tried to go in for a hug. But when I smelled the cheap knockoff Mark Jacobs perfume I knew he had been with girls, instead of actually working like he said he was doing.


“Harry why do you smell like a girl?” I asked calmly. He immediately stiffened up and could tell the alcohol was wearing off.


“What?” he asked.


“Yea, you smell like a 17 year old girl.” I smiled.


“Oh, uh, the boss invited me to dinner so I went after you got mad at me, and drowned myself in alcohol because you’re just so annoying sometimes and I just need a break so he said Michelle could take care of me and she did. Oh shit, she still has my jacket.” He laughed. I didn’t find any of this funny and I could tell his drinks were affecting the way he thought.


“Lets go harry, lets get you to bed” I didn’t want to argue with him in this state because I knew it would only end with pain, so I swung his arm around my neck and helped him to his room.


I tucked him into bed and before I walked out of the room he asked me a question.


“Do you still love me?”


“Of course I do Harry, you just need to break old habits” I replied.


“Then lay with me?”


I walked back over and laid down next to him. He cuddled up to me and I put my head in his chest. A few hours later harry was asleep and I got up and left. My mind still racing about what he told me.


The next morning I woke up to a text from him.


Harry: So that’s it?


Harry: You just left without saying goodbye?


Harry: I thought you said you still loved me?


Me: I do Harry, trust me I love you so much it hurts me to think about life without you, but what you said to me last night hurt me even more.


Harry; I promise nothing happened, I know my drunk self and if anything happened I would’ve told you.


Me: Harry, we never see each other, and with this new client I could be possibly going on a book tour, so I wouldn’t be able to spend anytime with you.


Harry: What are you trying to say babe? Please don’t break my heart. I love you so much and I’ll try to break the old habits you told me about last night. I can’t lose you because you’re my world.


Me: Just give me a day to think, and I’ll call you tonight before I go to sleep. But if I chose to give you another chance please try to make time for me. I need to feel loved.


Harry: Give me tonight to show you how much you mean to me.


Me: okay.


Harry: Be ready by 7 and wear something super formal. I’ll pick you up out side of the building :) I love you so much; please don’t give up on me just yet.



HIIIIIIIIIIII! Okay so wow super long chapter 2100 words! So I went to OTRA and it was amazing! It was the show that harry fell and it was so funny because he just laughed it off! I'm still suffering from post concert depression and the concert was on Thursday. :(

Anyway! Hope you enjoyed this chapter aghh! Please like and favorite this chapter yay!

What do you think happens next?

Oh we have a new cast member Aaron Forrester played by the ever so sexy Ryan Guzman (pic above)

Okay gotta go I'm eating fish tacos yay! Oh follow my twitter @stylemelikhoran okay byee byee!! –M xx.

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