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Fire (n); a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame.


13. chapter 12.*



Chapter 12


Addi POV~

1 week later


Harry and I were back in Boston now. To say that trip to Orlando was awful would be an understatement. I hadn’t realized how much I missed my mom until I was sitting in my loft, with no one to call or talk to.


Harry had been at the office all day for the past 5 days so I couldn’t hang out with him, and when I was at the office, I was in back to back meetings. Today was Saturday and I was finally able to breathe and take a step back. My phone buzzed and when I looked down I was relieved to see it was from Harry.


Harry: Hey babe, the boss invited me to dinner tonight so I can’t come over tonight. Rain check, and we could do it tomorrow. x


Me: I haven’t been able to spend time with you since we got back from Orlando. I was really looking forward to tonight :(


Harry: I know babe, but this is an important dinner meeting or I would cancel in a heartbeat!


Me: I know. I'm sorry. I don’t want to come of as a bitch that needs attention all the time lol.


Harry: I gtg, the boss man is here! See you tomorrow hopefully. x


I put my phone down on the corner table. Now what was I going to do? I have no friends in Boston, and I don’t know where anything is. Against my better judgment, I decided to take a walk down to Fenway Park, and then back home. I just needed some air. I slid on my Nike running shoes, and tied my hair back with a pink scrunchy. I was wearing the Nike running capris, and a windbreaker jacket.


The night air was cold for the middle of June, and I could feel it on my face. My nose took over as the smell of Italian food rushed my senses. There was a restaurant that was packed full of well dressed people. All of the sudden the familiar curly hair boy walked out. Harry? He was dressed in black slacks, and a blue button down with a black tie. Out walked a heavier man, and two women. The man, I assume is the boss of our company, shook his hand and walked down the street with one of the women. The only thing going through my mind at the time was “is harry cheating on me already?” I didn’t want to believe it, but when they got into the black car together, I had no choice but to believe it.


As the car pulled away, I saw him lean into the girl, but when the light from the lamppost, caught his eyes, he looked across the street at me and I saw the pain/fear in his eyes.


I continued my run down to Fenway, and ignored all of the missed call from Harry. Finally my mind was clear. Something about being at a baseball field made me relax. It reminded me of my childhood, and going to Rays games with my dad before everything turned to shit with him. About an hour into sitting on the green giant, I decided to head home and make dinner.


When I got to my building, I saw the greasy maintenance guy mopping the ground, and cleaning up after everyone.


“Hey Shahid.” I said clicking the button for the elevator. I really didn’t want to talk to him so I was hoping it would get here quickly. Once he opened his mouth to say something the doors binged and I stepped in pressing floor 15. Everything in me wanted to press floor 10 and talk to harry but I decided against it. It was bad enough that I had 8 missed calls from him, and once I was out of the elevator my phone started blowing up with texts from him.


Harry: babe call me


Harry: ad, I need to explain


Harry: baby please


Harry: call me back!


Harry: where are you? I went to your flat and you’re not answering!


Harry: are you okay?


I shoved my phone back into my jacket pocket and walked down the hall to my door. Harry was curled up sitting by my door and his knees were pressed to his chest.


“eh hem” I coughed. He looked up at me and his eyes were red, cheeks stained with tears.


“Ad?!?!” he said in dis belief. “ what are you doing here?” he asked again.


“I live here Harry. The question is why are you still here?” I had no emotion in my voice.


“I want to explain everything you saw! I don’t even know how much you saw, but I want t explain everything!” he got up off of the ground and towered over me.


“whatever” I opened my door and walked right to my couch.


“where were you? I was so worried that you had ran off and gotten hurt!”


“Harry, I'm 20 years old. I don’t need to be looked after. I went for a jog down to my new favorite spot.”


He nodded his head and proceeded to tell me what happened.


“What you saw tonight wasn’t me cheating on you. I actually did go to dinner with the boss of the company, and he brought along two escorts.” He started. “after dinner, he walked off with one and I was left alone with the other. I didn’t know what to do so I got in the car and she followed.”


“Then why did I see you lean into her and almost kiss her?” I was getting frustrated.


“I’ll admit, that I was going to kiss her, but when I saw you standing under the light pole, with that sad look on your face, I stopped everything I was doing and turned her down.”


“Wait wait wait! You were going to cheat on me if I wasn’t standing there? And let me guess you probably weren’t going to tell me anything! You were going to come over tomorrow like nothing had happened and let me be oblivious to everything.” I stood up from the couch and walked up to him.


“Ad, I'm sorry. I didn’t kiss her, so I didn’t cheat on you!” he whined.


“Harry, I’ve told you things that my mom didn’t know. I let you into my life when my mom left it. If I cant trust you to be faithful to me, how the hell can I trust you with deepest secret?” I started to break down now. My eyes filled with water and I was now on the edge of tears.


“Baby, you can trust me. I promise! I wont do this to you again. You’re way to important to me, and I don’t want to lose you!” he said softly hugging me.


“Get out Harry.”




“I said, get out. I don’t know if I can trust what you said, so I need to think about us, get out.”


It was just then, when something in him snapped because I was now terrified of him.


“maybe while you’re thinking about us, you can think about being less of a bitch. Oh and maybe you can think about how I'm the only man in your life because your dad doesn’t want you! And maybe-“


I slapped the smirk right off his face and broke down. He stomped out of my place slamming the door behind him. I really needed to think about this because he just used one of my darkest secrets against me, and it was only used to cause pain. He too he trust that I had in him and played with it. My heart was physically hurting now.


About 3 hours into being alone my phone buzzed and it was from harry.


Harry: Ad, I'm so sorry for what I said about you dad. I didn’t mean to say that and I know I only caused you more pain. I want you to know you can trust me now, because this was such a wake up call. When I got back to my flat, I thought about not being with you and it physically hurt me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Ill say it 100 more times if you want me to, because I just want you to know how much of an ass I was.


Me: Harry, I want to trust you, but I don’t think you know what you did that hurt me the most…


Harry: I do know what I did…


Harry: I took you for granted


Harry: and god was I an asshole


Harry: but goddamn you’re the fucking love of my life and I cant live without you.


Me: love of your life?


Harry: Yes. Adeline Jones, I love you! And If I have to shout it from the roof then I will, just so everyone knows how much  love you!


Me: I love you too harry.


Harry: open your door please?


I ran to my door ad swung it open. He was standing there with a small apologetic smile on his face, and I ran into his arms.


“I love you so much Ad” he said into my hair.


“I love you too Harry. So much it hurts!”


He pulled me back and looked down at me. “don’t say ‘too’ it sounds like your only agreeing just to make me happy” I nodded my head, and we continued to hug, until he pulled me in for our most passionate kiss ever. I quickly wrapped my legs around his torso, and he kicked the door closed with his foot. He took me upstairs to my bed and we fell down onto the fluffy mattress, him on top of me. He kissed down my neck, and I moaned his name. his hands were trailing up my body and they finally stopped at my pants. When he slipped his fingers down my panties, I couldn’t help but pull away.


“Harry, I'm not ready yet. It too soon.” I said out of breath from kissing.


“Okay, but just know that I wont hurt you like he did. Ill cherish you” he kissed my now exposed chest.


“Fuck it, I want you!” I said pulling at his belt and succeeding. When we were finally fully naked, he took in my body noticing my tattoo under my left breast. It was of an arrow with a small infinity in the center. He quickly dipped down and kissed it making my eyes shut. He pulled out his wallet and took out a small foil packet, and ripped the top open. The condom was rolled down his length and I was getting ready for him. I was on my back and he leaned down to me.


“Just tell me if you want to stop if this becomes to much for you” he said caringly.


I nodded my head as he entered me. My breath hitched and I started to remember what happened between Zack and I. I pushed everything out of my head, and focused on harry, who was now going in and out of me at a steady pace.


“Harry!” I moaned as his back started to clench.


“Ad, baby!” I tangled my fingers in his hair, and pulled at the roots, causing him to hit his max. the condom filled and I moaned his name as I finished as well.


Once the used condom was disposed of, harry slipped his boxers back on, and I put on some clean panties.


“Damn.” He said licking his lips. I snuggled up to him and as I was falling asleep I heard him say “ I love you Ad”


“And I love you Harry.” I replied.


Halfway into my dream I heard knocking at the door. Oh god, I hope it wasn’t a neighbor complaining about, you know, me and Harry. I got up quietly enough so I didn’t wake harry, and wrapped my self in my bed sheet. When I got to the door, I didn’t bother to look through the peephole, and just opened it.


“Hey Addi” he said.


I was in such a state of shock, an the only thing that I could think of saying was “Zack?!” 


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