Forgotten [discontinued]

" I was just forgotten. "


Kathrine Rose Hemmings. Well, her life literally sucks. She was perfectly fine until her brother Luke had to go on tour. She was happy for him, we'll until he just left. He didn't say goodbye, or even left a note. She tried texting him but gave up after a week. She only has Annie. The people at school don't give a fuck, they either bully her or watch her get bullied. Only Annie knows about her, the real her. Kathrine, or Kat is mute, anorexic, and she self harms. She only talks to Annie. One day Luke and the boys come home. Luke expects Kat to be the same. He is surprised at her. Will him and the guys be able to fix Kathrine before anything happens.


2. ::Two::

Kats POV

I sighed to myself, knowing once I'm home life won't be and better. I will probably go on the roof, get bored and then go on Twitter. I will se all the hate, then I'll cry. After that I will end up self harming, again. I will call Annie, acting like the 'Normal' person I am. I will then go to sleep.

I saw the familiar oak tree me and Luke used to climb. Luke. I shudder at the thought of him. He really is a bitch. He was in a band , well the last time I saw him. Well, I better get you caught up on things. He is my older brother. I was happy, something I will never be again. He just left me. He didn't say goodbye. We were close. I was heartbroken for a month.

I started walking faster, wanting to escape from memories, reality, I soon saw our 2 story house come into sight. I reached the door, unlocking it with my spare key. It took me like a minute but that is what happens when your me. Once I got the door open, finally, I race up to my room. I'm not a people person.

I set my stuff, well through it on the floor of my bedroom. My bedroom is the only place where I can escape from reality. I have black walls that you can barely see from under all the band posters. I have a modern room, and by that I mean modern. Everything was either black, white, or gray. Except the band posters. I had a walk in closet that was filled with pictures from my childhood. Once again, you couldn't see the wall. I grabbed my iPhone and earbuds and walked over to my bedroom window. I opened it, climbing onto the roof. Once I was safely on , I plugged my earbuds in. I started playing ATL on full blast. I sat like that for about 30 minutes until I saw a black jeep come into the driveway.

That car is Luke's car.

I took a deep breath, ready to face the boy who ruined my life.

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