Forgotten [discontinued]

" I was just forgotten. "


Kathrine Rose Hemmings. Well, her life literally sucks. She was perfectly fine until her brother Luke had to go on tour. She was happy for him, we'll until he just left. He didn't say goodbye, or even left a note. She tried texting him but gave up after a week. She only has Annie. The people at school don't give a fuck, they either bully her or watch her get bullied. Only Annie knows about her, the real her. Kathrine, or Kat is mute, anorexic, and she self harms. She only talks to Annie. One day Luke and the boys come home. Luke expects Kat to be the same. He is surprised at her. Will him and the guys be able to fix Kathrine before anything happens.


4. ::Three::

Kats POV:

I stared at his car for a slight second. How could he just come back, I know for a fact that his tour doesn't end for a another couple of months.

I Layed back down, not wanting to face Luke. I closed mt eyes. I sometimes wonder what is would like to be gone. To leave this toxic world. I wonder what it would be like in heaven, I got a slight image of hell. School. What would heaven be like. Would it be like in those movies you watch as a child, or something more realistic. 

I heard muffled laughs coming from below me, sorta. I didnt even bother to open my eyes. I will do anything to be alone. If I was alone, this toxic world would be much better.

"Kat, what are you doing on that roof. I thought I said you couldnt go up there." I faintly heard my mom yell. 'You Did'. I thought to myself. 

I opened my eyes, regretting in as soon as the sunshine hit me? Idek. 

"Come down here." My mom yelled. This time I finally decided to come down. I slid of the roof, Landing on my knees. I have doon this so many times, it doesnt even hurt. 

I pulled my earbuds out of my ears, blocking out any sounds around me.

" Hey lil sis." Luke said, pulling me into a side hug. I just stood there.

 With that i just ran.  I ran to my Annie's house. I saw the old, one story house come into view. I ran faster. Before I knew it I was at her front door, knocking furiously. She opened the door, ushering me inside.

"Whats wrong." She asked, obviouss to the situation.

" He's back. Lets go out, I dont want to remember anything." I said, as she nodded.


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