Forgotten [discontinued]

" I was just forgotten. "


Kathrine Rose Hemmings. Well, her life literally sucks. She was perfectly fine until her brother Luke had to go on tour. She was happy for him, we'll until he just left. He didn't say goodbye, or even left a note. She tried texting him but gave up after a week. She only has Annie. The people at school don't give a fuck, they either bully her or watch her get bullied. Only Annie knows about her, the real her. Kathrine, or Kat is mute, anorexic, and she self harms. She only talks to Annie. One day Luke and the boys come home. Luke expects Kat to be the same. He is surprised at her. Will him and the guys be able to fix Kathrine before anything happens.


1. ::One::




Kats POV:

I heard the bell ringing, the final bell. I stood up imedeatly grabbing my black binder with it. I walk out the door, weaving inbetween the other teenagers. By the time I reached my locker I saw the one person I didn't want to see. Devin. He bullies me, well everyone bullies me but he REALLY does it. 

 I sighed to myself, knowing  he won't move. I pressed my hand on the navy blue locker door thingie. He looked straight into my boring brown orbs. I stared into his, well before he pushed me down.

    I feel straight on my back. I felt the urge to cry, but I managed to hold the tears back. Like any other day. I saw as my books and binder fell to the floor, most of the contents fell out. I sat up, reaching for the stuff. Before I could grab anything I felt a splitting pain in my side. 

He just kicked me. If I really wanted to, I could put. Devin in the hospital. Perks of doing Karate. He kicked me a couple more times before stopping.

" You Bitch, I hate you." He yelled in me face.

I slowly got up to my feet, looking down at my scruffy old converses.

I waited until he walked away with his friends before I got down on my knees to pick up my stuff. Once I got it all organized I started to walk home.

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