Forgotten [discontinued]

" I was just forgotten. "


Kathrine Rose Hemmings. Well, her life literally sucks. She was perfectly fine until her brother Luke had to go on tour. She was happy for him, we'll until he just left. He didn't say goodbye, or even left a note. She tried texting him but gave up after a week. She only has Annie. The people at school don't give a fuck, they either bully her or watch her get bullied. Only Annie knows about her, the real her. Kathrine, or Kat is mute, anorexic, and she self harms. She only talks to Annie. One day Luke and the boys come home. Luke expects Kat to be the same. He is surprised at her. Will him and the guys be able to fix Kathrine before anything happens.


5. ::Four::

Kats POV:

'Ok, pick what ya want." Annie said.

"Thanks" I said smiling.  

  I walked over to her huge walkin closet, looking at her options. I picked out a short, tight black tube dress. I looked at her shoes. I picked out these black stilettos. They were boots, and they made me look tall. Well, taller than i already was considering i am 6ft1in. I picked out some fishnet gloves. I went to her bathroom and changed. I walked out, and looked into her full sized mirror. Lets say, I looked sexy.

"Wow" I stuttered out, causing Annie to look at me. Her mouth dropped.

I looked at her outfit. She had this beatiful purple dress that want above her knee. There was lace sleeves. She had plain black stilletos.

"MAKE UP TIME!!!!" We yelled in sync.

We walked over to her vanity doing our makeup. We both had similar makeup styles. We had smokey eyes, mascara, and nudish lips. 

We both got into a taxi, asking to go to a local party.


  We walked in,instantly see sweaty grinding bodies. I walked over to the bar, ordering a bud light. I chugged it down, ordering another one. This kept on going untill I had around 11 drinks in total.

I heard police sirens, but my drunken self honestly didnt think anything of it. I saw Annie in the corner dragging a guy upstairs.

" Another one please." I said, slurring. The guy nodded, getting me another bud light. I took a huge sip, before the doors got knoked down. 

" Ma'am, come with me." A deep voice said. I turned my head to see a hunk of a man. I pressed my lips to his. He pulled back, dragging me to the police car. I was placed in the back. I stared out the window, beaming with happiness.



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