Forgotten [discontinued]

" I was just forgotten. "


Kathrine Rose Hemmings. Well, her life literally sucks. She was perfectly fine until her brother Luke had to go on tour. She was happy for him, we'll until he just left. He didn't say goodbye, or even left a note. She tried texting him but gave up after a week. She only has Annie. The people at school don't give a fuck, they either bully her or watch her get bullied. Only Annie knows about her, the real her. Kathrine, or Kat is mute, anorexic, and she self harms. She only talks to Annie. One day Luke and the boys come home. Luke expects Kat to be the same. He is surprised at her. Will him and the guys be able to fix Kathrine before anything happens.


6. ::Five::

Lukes POV:

I saw Kat just run. We walked inside, why would she run? Did I do anything wrong. UGH.

'Hey, Im gonna have to go for the night, could you wait for Kat, and you guys are more then welcome to spend the night." My mom said, rushing out the door. I nodded.

I sprawled myself across the couch, the other guys jumping on me.

"Where do you think she went." I asked the guys.

"Idonno" Mikey said shrugging. " I mean, she's your sister."

I put on Mean Girls, watching it with the guys.


We were on our fith movie when we heard police sirens outside our house.

We all looked at eachother, shocked looks upon our faces.

"The Fuck" Calum muttered.

We soon here a knock on the door. I rush up and open the door, to find my sister leaning up against a cop, giggling.

"What the hell." I yell, making the other guys come over. There mouths open at my sister. Her hair was is curls and she was wearing this short tube dress.

I took her, muttering a thank you to the officer I put Kat on the couch. I sat down next to her.

"Go to sleep." I said.

"BUT I WANT A LLAMA!" She yelled

She shook her head. Leaning her head on me. She soon fell asleep.

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