My Hemmo

Emily is a normal teenager who lives in Australia. Her dad is in the military , and she barely knows her mother. She is not very popular, and is bullied. One day, she meets a beautiful, quiffed boy named Luke Hemmings.
Will they stay just friends? Or will Luke change Emily's life forever?


3. The Beginning

Emily's POV*

One day, I was walking down the school hallway alone. I'm not a loser , trust me. (Well,I kinda am.)

Anyway, I was alone because my best and only friend Lisa, was sick at home .

I also had a free period, so I was wondering what to do.

As I kept walking, I heard something.

Someone , actually.

That someone was singing in the music room , and it was amazing .

That voice was also singing one of my favorite songs (I miss you by Blink -182.) I'm really into rock and pop rock bands , no wonder I only have one friend. :(

I walked up to the door of the music room.

Then , I realized who it was . It was Luke Hemmings . I'd seen him around in school before, but I never had the courage to talk to him. (NO, that does not mean I like him. He was just too cool for a loser like me to hang out with.)

Then , I opened the door...

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