My Hemmo

Emily is a normal teenager who lives in Australia. Her dad is in the military , and she barely knows her mother. She is not very popular, and is bullied. One day, she meets a beautiful, quiffed boy named Luke Hemmings.
Will they stay just friends? Or will Luke change Emily's life forever?


2. My Life

Emily's POV

Well, let's just say, my life has never been... Perfect. My dad is in the military , and my mom left when I was little, so I'm used to being alone most of the time.

At school, I'm not very popular . I only have a few friends , but one of them is very close to me.

That's Lisa . We've been besties since we were five , and I tell her everything. But , she's never known the whole story about how I met Hemmo. My Hemmo.

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