Punk Rock....Again

Madeline Carter went through a punk rock phase 2 years ago and she was bullied because of it and her parents didn't care enough to notice. She loved that style because it she felt it explained her so well. But she had to give it up for her own sake.

But what happens when Michael Clifford shows up?

Will he help show her that she doesn't need to please everyone?

Will the become close?

Or will they become enemies?

Find out in "Punk Rock....Again"


4. •4•

After I left Luke's house I went home. It isn't exactly what I want to call home but it is all I have.

To me home is where the people that care about you are. So to me Calum and Luke are my home. My parents don't pay any attention to me. They don't care about me. I bet they forgot my name.

I hate coming home. Lots of the time they aren't even home. They are usually out have a drink. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!!

I live with my dad and his wife. My mom died after she had. She literally died 5 minutes afterthought birth. I blame myself everyday for her death. And I am not the only one who blames me. My dad never lets me forget that I am the reason she isn't here.

I sometimes wonder that if she was still here would her and my dad pay me any attention.

I don't have a clue because I don't know what she was like. My dad doesn't talk about her. I stopped asking about when I was about ten because he would get mad at me and say that I don't have a right to know because I am the reason she isn't here.

I hate it. I hate my home. I hate my dad. I hate my life. I hate everything. Other than Luke and Calum.

I am so lucky to have them. We have been friends since 6th grade. I remember the day like it was the back of my hand.


Yay another day of sitting by myself at lunch. I make my way to the round table and as soon as I get there I realized that I left my lunch at home.

Oh well. I guess I will starve.

After a couple minutes of sitting there with my head down I feel something tap my shoulder. I look up to see half and sandwich, an apple, and Capri sun sitting on a couple of napkins.

I look around to see who put these things here. My eyes land on two boys. One is with out a drink and the other only had half a sandwich.

They get up and come to my table.

"Hi I am Calum and this is Luke,"the boy ,Calum, say pointing to the blonde boy with ridiculous green glasses.

"Maddie,"I say and smile at them.


We have been inseparable since. They are the only thing I love in this world. The ONLY thing.

But there are a few things they don't know about me. Like the fact that I self harm. They have asked me if I do but I have always told them no because they are going to make me stop.

I do it because I do believe I am responsible for my mothers death. And I grew up with people who don't give a crap about me.

I have it s lot harder than I give off. I put on a fake smile everyday at school. The only things that can put an actual smile on my face are my two best friends and music.

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