Punk Rock....Again

Madeline Carter went through a punk rock phase 2 years ago and she was bullied because of it and her parents didn't care enough to notice. She loved that style because it she felt it explained her so well. But she had to give it up for her own sake.

But what happens when Michael Clifford shows up?

Will he help show her that she doesn't need to please everyone?

Will the become close?

Or will they become enemies?

Find out in "Punk Rock....Again"


3. •3•

The rest of the day went by pretty fast. I didn't see Michael anymore after that class though.

As usual Calum and I rode with Luke to his house to hang out for a while. "What do you guys want to do today,"Luke asks.

"I want you to sing today,"I say. They are amazing but unfortunately I am the only one who knows.

"Do we have to?"Calum whined. "Fine. Then you can pick what we do,"I say to him. "Gladly,"he said and we all went to Luke's room.

It was your average teenager's room. He had a bed,desk,a couple guitars,and some posters on the wall. It was always clean though and smelled like his cologne.

"Soooo. Maddie. What do you think about Michael?"Calum asked with googly eyes.

I hesitated. What do I say? 'Oh Michael? Well he is just so hot and his hair is to die for. And his smile. Thank god for smile.'

"He is pretty cool I guess,"I say. That isn't a lie just not the whole truth of what I think. "Yeah ok. Mads I saw how you looked at him today. And you two were definitely flirting,"Luke butted in. We weren't flirting were we?

"Ok. Well he is a bit more than cool. Actually......he is.....perfect,"I might as well tell the truth. They are my best friends and can see right through me.

"Hah. I knew it. Calum you owe me twenty,"Luke says walking to Calum. And sure enough Calum hands him a twenty dollar bill.

"You betted on me?"I asked them. They nodded

"Oh and he owes me another twenty if you both end up dating by the end of this week,"Luke adds.

"You guys are crazy,"I say. But now that I think about it. I am being childish. I mean I just met the guy and now I am saying he is perfect? What has the boy done to me?

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