Punk Rock....Again

Madeline Carter went through a punk rock phase 2 years ago and she was bullied because of it and her parents didn't care enough to notice. She loved that style because it she felt it explained her so well. But she had to give it up for her own sake.

But what happens when Michael Clifford shows up?

Will he help show her that she doesn't need to please everyone?

Will the become close?

Or will they become enemies?

Find out in "Punk Rock....Again"


2. •2•

After lunch we all found out that we have all the same schedule for the rest of the day. I went to my locker and exchanged books and started my way to class.

As I was walking Calum, Luke ,and Michael all joined me. When we walked past a group of people a girl said ", awwww Emo Maddie has found her soul mate. The Emo new kid."

I hate kids like that. They make me want to through up. "My name is Michael by the way. Not like you're smart enough to remember that,"Michael shot back. I giggled at his response. Wait....a giggle. I have never giggled in my life.

I guess Luke and Calum noticed because they looked at me funny. "What do they mean bye Emo. I mean you don't even look Emo,"Michael said gesturing to my outfit. I was wearing jean shorts with a pink see through shirt (with an undershirt of course) and bright yellow vans. I hated this look. I wanted to vomit.

"I uh. I went through an Emo phase two years but people started bullying me so I started to dress like this. I hate it though. I would give anything to go through wearing what I want without getting made fun of,"I say. Memories flooding into my mind. All the bad things people said. It made me want to curl up in a corner and cry. But I do t cry in front of people. Ever. Not even Luke or Calum.

"Why stop because they aren't satisfied with they way you look. They don't have to acknowledge you. That is their choice. But if you they do acknowledge you ,in s good way or bad, it means you stand out and that is what I always strive for,"he says looking proud of himself.

"I wish was like you. Care free. Doesn't care what others think. Proud,"I say. "How do you see all these things on me when we only met 45 minutes ago,"he asks with amusement in his tone.

"It is one of my many talents,"I say and smile at him. And walk into class

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