Punk Rock....Again

Madeline Carter went through a punk rock phase 2 years ago and she was bullied because of it and her parents didn't care enough to notice. She loved that style because it she felt it explained her so well. But she had to give it up for her own sake.

But what happens when Michael Clifford shows up?

Will he help show her that she doesn't need to please everyone?

Will the become close?

Or will they become enemies?

Find out in "Punk Rock....Again"


1. •1•

As I was walking down the hall to lunch with my best friends,Calum and Luke, I noticed that I wasn't paying attention to their conversation. "Whatcha talkin bout,"I said in a sing songy voice.

"There is a new kid. His name is Michael Clifford,"Luke informed me. "Yeah. I think you will like him,"Calum adds.

"Why do you say that,"I ask confused as to why Calum thinks that I will like a guy with the last name Clifford. "That is why,"Calum said pointing to a guy sitting by himself in the cafeteria.

Oh my. I think I am in love.

He looks so......punk rock. I LOVE IT. I had that look two years ago but I was bullied because the people that go to my school ,other than Luke and Calum and now Michael, are Hippocrates.

"I told you,"Calum says taking me out of my trance. "Let's get our food and go talk to him,"I say already walking to get in line. "Ooooh. Maddie 's got a cruuush,"Luke said.

"Shut up Luke. No I don't,"I say punching Luke in the arm. "Ow,"he says rubbing where I hit him.

After we get our food we walk over to the table Michael is sitting at. I made the guys walk in front of me because I was nervous.

"Hey can we sit with you?"Luke asks. "Yeah I guess. I mean it isn't like anyone will steal your seat,"he says smiling. Omg what a wonderful smile. I swear it lit up the room for a mili-second.

"Cool. I am Luke. This is Calum. And that is Maddie,"Luke says introducing us. I smile at him and wave. A wave? How could you be so stupid Madaline? I mentally face palm myself.

"I like your shirt,"I say pointing to his Nirvana shirt. "You like Nirvana?"he asks in disbelief. "Yeah. We all do,"I say referring to me Luke and Calum.

"Awesome. I thought no one here even knew who they were. Who else do you listen to?"he asks. "Green day, panic at the disco, Blink 182, Bowling for soup, chemical Romance, fall out boy, etc."I say naming all the band that come to mind. I look at Luke and Calum to see that they are nodding in agreement.

"I think we are going to get along very well?"he says smiling. He is going to kill me if he keeps smiling. Woah... Wait. What is happening to me? I can't like him. I mean no one likes me like that. I know this because I had never had a boyfriend and no one has ever asked me out.

Ever. I need to stop my self before I get hurt. But then again..........he is sooooo punk rock.

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