The Boy With The Plants

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this story!


5. Chapter 5

   When I finally reach the Gryffindor boys dormitory's. (You would be surprised they are much, much different) I see a sight that makes me honestly saddened,  Neville laying on his bed crying his heart out "What have I done" I think to myself. "who is there?' e asks taking a break from his nonstop crying. "Lillian" I say moving towards his bed and taking a seat on his trunk. "Go away he barely mumbles to me. "No" I respond "what is wrong?" "Everything I have made a humongous mistake Lillian." He says. Does that mean everything tonight was a mistake... "Do you want me to go away?" I ask Neville. "No don't ever leave me" he says inching closer to my face then leans in.


    I have no clue what I am doing but seconds into the kiss I am on Neville's lap. "Oh hello everybody." a familiar voice says.  Harry's. "Really Harry, why did you have to ruin that Harry?" Neville says looking rather sad, "Well you guys were snoging in our bedroom, just a thought." he says exiting the room. "So that was interesting" I say scooting back onto his lap, "yeah it truly was" Neville says leaning down to kiss me softly on the forehead."Well thank you Nev, I should be going." I say walking out of the dormitory's hearing wolf whistles behind me. Great, guess who had told the whole house of Gryffindor?

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