The Boy With The Plants

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this story!


4. Chapter 4

    As I headed to the Room of Requirement my thoughts raced back to the letter I had revived earlier that day, I had found the wall now all I needed to do was think "I want to know who wants me to meet them here at 7:00, I want to know who wants me to meet them here at 7:00, I want to know who wants me to meet them here at 7:00." as I did so the wall started to crack and once it had stopped a clear passage had formed that led to another room. There stood Neville Longbottom, holding a bouquet of tulips. I practically ran into his arms, and the hug lasted longer than two friends would. "So you are Anonymous?" I ask smiling as we sit down.


   Neville nods, relived he did not have to tell me that himself, "So what do you need to tell me?" I ask studying him. "I" Neville says trying to choke out the words. "Come on Neville you can tell me anything." I say trying to get a confession out of him. "I don't think you will be okay with this he says looking sadly at me. I frown bit quickly replace it with a convincing fake smile. "So what do you want to do?" I ask confused. "How about we play slap jack and if I win, you have to tell me what you were going to tell me" I say continuing. Neville nods and I win every single game of slap jack. "Fine" he says realizing he has lost. "I..I love you" he says and when I turn around he face is scarlet. 


   I am shocked, and now that I think about it love has always been something I have been scared of. Before Neville I had thought love only existed in fairy tales. Love can change your life for the better or the worse, and I defiantly don't want to go through the pain of seeing my mate being unfaithful, but Neville would never do that...To any ordinary girl their crush telling them that they loved them would be the best day of their life, but for me it was a complete nightmare . Realizing that I Lillian Springs can not hide the truth anymore I turn around and say "I love you to you know."


   Neville looks surprised for a moment, then we both stand up awkwardly for a moment, and Neville pulls the tulips out from behind his back then says "I brought these for you Lillian" handing them to me. Tulips, that's strange they were my favorite flowers. How did he know? I had never told him.  At that moment Neville embraced me in a tight hug, we just stood there haply wrapped in each others arms. When we finally pull apart our faces inches away from the others. He is gonna do it.. I think. "Um... well thank you we should get going" I say walking away exiting to the common room my head full of thoughts.


  Neville's P.O.V

  I am hurt that Lillian left me, in fact I feel tears swell up in my eyes. "I can't do this here" I say to myself. Well at least Lillian did not run away before I had told her the news. Honestly I had had a crush on Lillian sense our first Herbology class together. She was shy,sweet, and nice. If only I had Known that she had felt the same way all this time. Perhaps I had tried to soon to kiss her. I run into the boy's dormitory's and collapse on my bed Knowing I had just blew my chances with the girl of my dreams.

  End of P.O.V


   I run into Dean on the way back to my common room. "Where is Neville?" I ask, "They say he has been in his room crying." Dean says. I run to the Gryffindor common room.




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