The Boy With The Plants

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this story!


3. Chapter 3

   As I headed to the rest of my classes the Herbology lesson kept  playing in my mind on replay, for some reason I thought Neville had just asked me out, but that would be insane I thought to myself who would want to date me? As I walked to the cold dungeons for potions I had the pleasure of being one minute late and nearly avoiding a detention today we were given the task to make a drought of living death, a very hard potion to make much harder than any old aging potion. "Now you poor little children I have decided to be nice and let you work in partners.. don't make me regret my poor choice even more." Professor Snape said. I had always disliked Snape he was rude and loved making fun of people only if they were not in his house Slytherin.


   Neville soon asks to be my partner and I happily agree, and together we find an empty cauldron. "So drought of living death?" Neville said, "Yeah" I said and we sat in a  uncomfortable silence. "We should get started" I said motioning towards the empty cauldron. I looked up and notice Neville was staring at me, without thinking I hit him with my potions book and say "Earth to Neville" Neville looks a bit distracted for a moment then says "Oh,yeah I think that is a good idea." then blushes a deep scarlet. We follow every single direction, and add all of the right ingredients at the right time, but by the middle of potions our drought of living death is a dark shade of brown. I see Professor Snape smirk looking at our potion. "I think we did something wrong." I say frowning at our potion. "Impossible we followed every single direction." Neville says I just shrug and continue making the drought of living death. By the end of potions our situation has not gotten any better, if anything worse. I hand in the brown slime and head off to my other classes knowing that I failed that assignment.


   The rest of the day seemed to drag on forever, and I am relived when it is lunch time, as i head down to the great hall. As I read my potions text book hopping to learn how to correctly brew a drought of living death I bump into someone, "Sorry" I  mumble, as I look up hoping not to see Malfoy, I look up and see Neville (which is like five times worse). "Great job, nice going Lillian" I think to myself. "oh Lillian it is you, I was actually just looking for you,um would you like to eat lunch with me?" he says. I nod and he shows me the Gryffindor table. "So um Lillian I can't make it to the Herbology thing tonight, okay.." He says, I can't help but feel hurt, so I act on my first dimwitted idea. To run away, as I get to the Herbology classroom I feels someones arm around my wrist. "Please come back" Neville asks me to do as I try to get out of his grip. "Fine" I say seeing I have no other choice. We walk to the Great Hall and eat in complete silence.


   As I head to my other classes a handsome owl meets me in a corridor. He gives me a note that reads;


   Dear Lillian Springs,

   Can you please come to the Room of Requirement at 7:00.. I have to tell you something

I should have told you in our 3rd year at Hogwarts. If you don't know how

to get to the Room of Requirement, just walk past the wall and think three times

very clearly. That should do the trick.

Hope to see you.



   Lillian wondered who Anonymous was the rest of the day. 


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