The Boy With The Plants

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this story!


1. Chapter 1

  There he was staring at me. My cheeks got red, I finally snapped out of my haze, and realized I was making a fool of myself. As I walked out of the greenhouse, I started to head to the Hufflepuff common room. Once I arrived in the common room I sat down in the comfiest yellow chair in the bright common room. I remembered when I first got sorted into Hufflepuff , I felt like I was a nobody but know I have came to terms with it and I am proud to be a loyal Hufflepuff, sure the Slytherin's still bully me, and my friends but it has gotten a lot better.


  Soon I finish all of my homework, leaving me to my thoughts for a while. Earlier that afternoon I had embarrassed myself in the presence of Neville Longbottom. He probably thinks I am an idiot know, no big deal.My stomach churns knowing that I am lying to myself like that. I had thought that if I had lied to myself that it would seem true but obviously that had not worked. I have had a crush on Neville ever sense I put my eyes on him, he was just too cute! A group of seventh years walked into the common room, I am not scared of the seventh years but I would rather not be around them. I gathered my stuff and went into the great hall.


  I am relived when I see that I am not the only one in the great hall, at least five people from each house were in the great hall. As I walk past the Gryfffindor table trying not to  trip or do anything stupid, I hear Harry's voice trying to tell me soothing. I turn around slowly expecting a prank of some sort but once I turn around all I here is "Lillian, you know Mrs. Sprout is looking for you." I soon reply astonished with my luck "Thank you Harry" and run off to the greenhouses , Mrs. Sprout was my favorite teacher by far, and was the head of Hufflepuff and taught in the greenhouses. As I turn in to the greenhouses I am so quite you could  here a pen drop.


  "Oh hey Lillian" Neville says, thank goodness Mrs. Sprout  interjects before I have to say anything.  "Oh you're her Lillian, I suppose Harry told you?" she said. I nodded to avoid speaking.  "Well you two have a very important task today, and if you chose do it for me 15 points will be awarded to Hufflepuff and Gryffindor." Mrs. Sprout added. "I will do it." I said and Neville looked at me like "SHE SPEAKS!", then nodded agreeing to do the task to. "Great 15 points to Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor." Mrs. Sprout said. "You two will be planting mandrakes for the second years." she soon added.


   I soon walked over to get some earmuffs, and Neville followed what I did, then we both lifted up a mandrake. Neville covered his ears after planting his mandrake. "They are not that fun to plant but they are very useful." I said smiling, Neville just nodded. "Did I say something wrong " I thought to myself. Mrs. Sprout left, leaving Neville and I alone. "Hello" Neville says trying to break the silence. "Oh hello!" I say , " are you?" he asks I am at first startled by the fact that he still wants to talk to me so I jump, "oh sorry." Neville mumbled. "Oh you don't need to be sorry Neville, I was startled, I am doing great you?" I replied. "I'm fine" he said and we continued planting the mandrakes in silence. 

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