Falling in Love with the Not So Bad Boy

Lilly has had a crush on Luke, the bad boy, for forever. That all changes after a detention they had together. They overcome some hard times of each other's lives using their love and trust. After some time Lilly notices that Luke isn't as much as a bad boy that she thought he was, although her mother disagrees.


20. You Little...

Quick Note: So I should have mentioned this earlier but the 'Home Early' chapter showed up blank on my phone and still does... I'm not sure why though. If you go online it does show up though so I hope you guys tried that out. I really hope you didn't miss out on it but if you did then go onto the website, not the app, and read it :) Anyways, thanks for reading, I love you all, and well I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoy writing it. Please keep reading! <3

Chapter 19// You Little...

I woke up to find myself cuddling with the penguin stuffed animal Luke gave me. I smiled until I looked down at my wrist. I sighed as I got up and put a different hoodie on. I pulled on a pair of jeans, slipped on my vans and went downstairs for breakfast.

Luckily my mom and dad left for work already so I did not have to talk to them about what happened last night. I grabbed my backpack and left for school.

As I got closer to school all the guys caught up with me.

"Hey." Luke smiled as he put his hand on my back. I looked up at him and smiled back.

"Lily, why the hell are you wearing a hoodie in 65 degree weather?" Michael asked.

"Cuz I can." I replied trying to pull my sleeves down without them noticing. Ashton seemed to notice because I saw him frown for a second. I gave him a side smile and he smiled back. You could tell Calum knew too because he was whispering to Michael who then looked back at me and then my wrists.

Luke pulls me closer and we walk into school. The guys all disperse to go to their lockers and I head to mine. Once I get all my books I head to class and meet Luke there.


At Lunch all the guys and I sit together and talk. Melissa walks past our table but retraces her steps and stops by Luke.

"Hey, Luke." She says twirling her hair with one hand and holding her tray in the other.

"Go away Melissa." Luke says not even looking up at her.

"I just wanted to ask how your night was last night after I left." She said looking at me and smirking.

"He said go away!" Calum shouted. It was so loud that the whole cafeteria heard and was now staring at us. Melissa snickers and walks away but comes back.

"Oh... and I forgot this." She laughed as she dumped her tray. Spaghetti sauce, applesauce, and milk drip down me.

"Enjoy your lunch!" She grins evilly and the whole cafeteria laughs.

"You little bitch.." I say gritting my teeth. I get up to attack Melissa but Ashton and Luke grab my hands and pull me back. I slump down covered in sauce and sigh.

"You should go clean up." Calum snickers as he looks at the mess I am. 

"I'll be back." I said getting up from the table and leaving to clean myself in the bathroom. Everyone stares at me as the doors slam shut.

I get into the bathroom and look at the mess. Spaghetti with sauce, applesauce, and milk all over me. I wash out my hair in the sink and try to wipe off some of the stains on my hoodie. I wipe off the small stains on my jeans. I throw my hair up in a messy bun and go back to the cafeteria. All the guys stare at me as I take my seat.

"You have a few stains." Calum laughs trying to cheer me up.

"Yeah.. I know. I have nothing else." I say shortly.

"I have an extra jacket in my locker if you want it." Ashton offers.

"Sure... thanks." I smile.

"Are you hungry babe?" Luke asks.

"No, i'm good."

"Aww, you called her babe. You're so cute together." Michael interrupted making heart shapes with his hands. Luke rolled his eyes and I chuckled.

"But you're sure you're not hungry?"

"Yes, Luke. I'm fine for now." I insist.

Finally the Lunch bell rang for the end of the period and we all left. I stopped by Ashton's locker to grab his jacket. Quickly, I changed in the bathroom and stopped at my locker to put my hoodie in there and grab my books. I ran to my class so that I wasn't late. Right as I stepped into the classroom the bell rang.

"Just made it." smiled Mr. Gladden. I smiled back and rushed to the back of the room where my seat was.

"So, class. Today we will be watching a documentary on what wars are like." Mr. Gladden said as he turned on the television and sat behind his desk on his phone. His class was the easiest, he barely gave us projects.

Unluckily, Melissa was in my social studies class. She gathered her stuff and sat next to me in the back. I wish I could move farther away but i'm sitting in the corner. 

"That's a nice jacket." She grinned. "It doesn't really fit your style though. Whose is it?"

"Ashton's. Now get away." I said fed up with her.

"Ashton's?!" She gasped. "Does that mean yo-" 

"No, I'm not cheating on Luke now fuck off." I replied cutting her off. 

"You seem suspicious..." She said glaring at me. I looked away hopefully giving her the hint that I don't want her here. Luckily, she moved away to chat with her little group. Obviously she was talking about me though because her and her friends kept looking at me.


After class I met Luke at his locker.

"So apparently you're cheating on me with Ashton." Luke laughed. At least he knows that it is a rumor and laughs about it.

"It got around that fast?"

"You know how it goes. Melissa is the drama queen, anything goes around fast if it comes from her mouth." Luke said shutting his locker.

"Do you think the whole school knows?" I asked.

"Probably." Luke replied. He picked up his backpack and turned around. Luke looked at me as I sighed. He pulled me closer and hugged me for a few seconds. We then left to meet the others at the student lounge.

"Hey, nice jacket." Michael laughed. I smiled and rolled my eyes. I took a seat next to Luke and watched as Calum and Ashton both came in and sat at our table.

"I heard you were cheating on Luke with Ashton.." Calum chuckled. Ashton looked shocked.

"Wait what?" He asked.

"Melissa made this rumor that Lily was cheating on Luke with you just because she's wearing your jacket." Michael informed Ashton.

"Yeah, i'd stick with Luke though." Said Calum jokingly. Ashton elbowed him and Luke just laughed. Luke looked down at me and pulled me in closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder and looked at the guys as they all talked.

"You two are relationship goals." Michael smiles.

"Yeah, yeah, we get it Michael." Calum stated.

"Hey guys, our cab driver just bailed out on us." Ashton said looking up from his phone.

"Why?" Luke asked. Ashton shrugged. I offered to drive them since I wanted to see them all one last time before they left. They insisted that I should not but I would not take no for an answer. 

"What time should I pick you guys up?" I smiled.

"If you insist... we'll all be at Calum's if you pick us up at 6." Luke sighed. 

"I knew you'd give in." I laughed. Luke looked down at me and kissed me for a quick second.

"Too much PDA guys." Ashton giggled as he turned away to grab something out of his backpack. Luke just laughed as he kept his arm around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I seriously love you two together." Michael smiled. Calum and Ashton just laughed as they stared at us.

Detention was pretty quiet. Luke and I just talked a little about him going away for a week. Once we finished our time in detention for today Luke and I walked, hand in hand, together until we had to go our separate ways. Luke grabbed my hands and pulled me to face towards him. He took his left hand and pushed my hair behind my ear.

"I'm gonna miss you." He frowned.

"Me too.." I sighed. He bent down to kiss me and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We hugged each other for a few seconds and then we finally let go.

"Well, i'll see you in the morning Lilly." He smiled.

"Yeah, I guess you will." I said giving him a quick hug back. We waved goodbye and walked home. I took this time to think to myself.

When I arrived home I saw a unfamiliar car parked in our driveway. I got inside and put my backpack on my floor.

"Hey Dad, who owns that car outside?" I asked him as he sat on the couch.

"Well, your mom and I decided we needed another car for two reason. One, so that we can go out at separate times, and two, so that you can borrow one of the cars if we don't need it." He smiled.

"Really?!" I shouted excitedly. "Thanks Dad." I said running up to hug him.

"You know it's technically not your car, right?" He laughed.

"Yeah dad, I know." I rolled my eyes jokingly. 

Another Quick Note: I am planning on starting a Michael fan fiction.... I WILL still be continuing this one as well so don't worry. I'm not sure when I will publish the first chapter but just look out for it :) 


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