Falling in Love with the Not So Bad Boy

Lilly has had a crush on Luke, the bad boy, for forever. That all changes after a detention they had together. They overcome some hard times of each other's lives using their love and trust. After some time Lilly notices that Luke isn't as much as a bad boy that she thought he was, although her mother disagrees.


22. White Walls

A.N/// So so sorry I haven't updated in forever. I was enjoying the rest of my summer and then school started up and i've been busy with homework but i'm back to updating now. I'll try my best to update both stories at least once a week, which will probably be on the weekends. But anyways, have any of you gone to the ROWYSO tour? I went and they were amazing <3 <3 I'm so excited for their 2016 tour omg I haven't stopped talking about it lol, anyways lets get on with the story... Oh and before we start I mentioned this before but the app skips a chapter, 'Home Early' so plz go onto the website to read it, I should've mentioned earlier but never noticed. It has a big part of the story set up in it so plz plz go read it before you continue, thanks <3

Chapter 21// White Walls

*3 Days Later*

Lilly's P.O.V

My eyes slowly flutter open, everything in the room a blur. All spoken words just sound like gibberish. I fully open my eyes and scan the room trying to find out where I am and what happened.

"Lilly!" My mom excitedly whispered. She ran over to my bedside, kneeling down on one knee. She grabbed my hand and kissed it repeatedly. "You're ok, oh my god, you're ok." My mom smiled as tears of joy ran down her face.

"Mom, what happened?" I choked out, my voice very raspy and unclear. I looked down at me to see stitches in my arms. I lifted my hand up from my mom and felt my face to also feel a few stitches.

"Oh honey don't worry about the stitches, they're very little." My mother said as if she thought I was worried about what I looked like. To be honest, I was a little, I could tell they were small but still.

"Bu-but what hap-happened?" I stuttered. It was like I was a little kid learning how to speak. I couldn't find my voice to form these words.

My dad just walked in with a bouquet of red and white roses and a small 'Get Better' Teddy Bear.

"You were in a car accident darling." He said as he placed the gifts down on the counter. He obviously overheard. I froze as I went over everything that happened in my head. The glass, the blood, the loud screeching. I looked around the room just to see that I was enclosed in a room of plain white walls. My mom and dad sat down in their chairs and turned their attention towards the television. 

My eyes studied the screen to try and find out what I missed. It just didn't make sense, I couldn't think.

"You miss a lot when you pass out kid." My dad chuckled as he looked down at me. He could tell I was trying to find out everything that happened. Maybe that's why I couldn't think of anything. My mind was too busy trying to find out everything I missed. Well... I guess that's what you get for practically leaving Earth for three days.

A few minutes after, a doctor came in to examine me again, just this time I was awake. He checked everything and asked possibly every question imaginable. "How are you doing? Are you hungry? Is your throat dry? Can you see ok? Does anything hurt? Do you think you have a concussion?  Do you want something to drink? Get this girl a cup of water please. Are you tired?" Yeah it's the doctor's job to ask all these questions and make sure I was ok and blah blah blah but I just woke up, can't you give me a break? I'm not even thinking clearly.

After an infinity of talking about my health, a nurse comes in with a bottle of water and the doctor leaves. I take a few small sips and hope it makes my mouth less dry so I could actually speak. I cough a little bit and lean back onto my pillow. I move the head of the bed to a seated position so I could sit up a little bit more straight.

"Honey, i'm sorry to leave you but work needs me. I haven't been to work in days. I love you, see you home soon." My dad smiles. I completely understand. He missed work for three days which is a lot for the job he has and how much his company needs him. I'm glad he waited for me to wake up.

I nod as he leans down to kiss me real quick on the forehead and walks out of the room. "Goodbye Lilly pad." He smiles widely as walks out of the doorway and into the hall. After dad leaves my mom scoots her chair closer to me.

"It's Luke." My mom said holding her phone out to me and smiling.

I smiled widely back at her, I almost forgot about how far away Luke was and everything. I grabbed the phone and held it close to my ear.

"Hey Lilly!" Luke said very excitedly.

"Hello." I coughed out. My speaking abilities still not one hundred percent.

"You still sound a little sick.."

"Well no duh." I said, my voice sounding really raspy.

We continued to catch each other up on everything that has happened which was hard for me because I had been 'gone' for three days. He even told some cheesy jokes just to make me smile, which of course did. Just hearing his voice made me smile. In the background you could hear someone talking, maybe even a few people. Luke turned his speaker on and they all shouted "We're glad you're feeling better Lilly." I smiled even wider... If that was possible.

"Well i'll be home in three days so just hold on, I have to go though. I love you Lilly." Luke said.

"I love you too." I whispered. Before Luke disconnected the line, I could here the guys all shouting bye in the background. I sighed as I handed my phone back to my mom.

"I'm going down to the cafe, i'll be back." My mom smiled grabbing the phone.

And with that I was alone with these four white walls waiting for three days to be over


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