Falling in Love with the Not So Bad Boy

Lilly has had a crush on Luke, the bad boy, for forever. That all changes after a detention they had together. They overcome some hard times of each other's lives using their love and trust. After some time Lilly notices that Luke isn't as much as a bad boy that she thought he was, although her mother disagrees.


6. Sneaking Out

Chapter 6// Sneaking Out

After a long day of school, I have to spend an even longer time at school in detention. This time I was there before Luke.. it was so quiet waiting for him. Suddenly, I heard his big footsteps... yep! That's him. I smile as I see him coming through the hallway.

"Hey Luke!" I say a little too excited again.

"Hey." He says pulling out a key and jiggling in my face. "What is that?" I ask. "You know how Smith left the key on the table? He whispers as I nod. "Well the key whole is on the inside and the lock is on the outside so we can't get out... unless we have a key. So, I grabbed the key off the table and copied it." I looked at him admiring his sneakiness.

"So that's why you rubbed your hand along the table!" I said knowingly. "How are you getting the key back?"

"Already did." He said. "The room was unlocked so I just threw the key on the table hoping Mr. Smith purposely would have left it there." 

"Your bad boy rep is coming back.." I say joking around.

We both hush when Mr. Smith comes up the stairs. I look back at Luke and smile. "Afternoon." Mr. Smith greets us as he opens the door. Luke and I take our seats as Mr. Smith goes over the rules and collects our phones. Using his key he unlocks the lock from the inside and steps outside not knowing the tricks up our sleeves... 

When Mr.Smith is out of sight Luke asks me if I read the note. I probably blushed but said yes. American Idiot started to play. "Luke, stop playing music." I laughed. "It's not me." He said. Oh yeah... I forgot to mute my phone. I pull my phone out and read the text from Mom again.. she was asking if I had to stay the whole time.. of course I said yes.

Luke looked up, "You're pretty bad yourself my friend."

"Yeah, yeah." I replied. "So, we have a key. What are we going to do with this key?"

Luke picked up the key and went towards the door. "C'mon" He says. I get up from my desk, leaving my books on it so it doesn't look completely suspicious. "We have to be back at 3:20. Mr. Smith came back at 3:25." Luke says. We walk out into the hallway to hear a teacher coming. Luke points to the direction of the rows of lockers lined up in one corner and pushes me towards them. When we get behind a locker he ducks as I stand up. I leaned a little to far out and the teacher almost saw but Luke quickly put his hands on my waist and pulled me down. I was snug in his hold and he was wrapping around me, almost like he was protecting me. He kept me there until the teacher passed. "Close one." He whispered when the teacher's foot steps where no longer heard. I just smiled and stared at his lovely blue eyes. "Now lets go!" He helped me up and brought me downstairs... to the cafeteria? Luckily no one was there. Luke brought me into the kitchen and opened up the ice cream freezer. He took out two cookies and cream ice cream pops and threw one to me. "Nice!" I say impressed by the catch.

Luke hops up on the counter as I shut the door we came through. I then open my ice cream and hop up onto the counter as well. We sat there in silence as we ate our ice cream. We look at each other and smile as ice cream drips down our face. I licked off my ice cream and wiped off Luke's because he seemed to have trouble. Once we finished we dropped our garbage on the floor and moved closer to each other. Luke wrapped one arm around my waist and put the other on my cheek. He lifted up my head towards his eyes and leaned in. Our lips puckered and met each other's.. this time it's not a dream.

Luke kept kissing and I kept enjoying it. His lip ring in the way, but I liked it. He pulled me closer and squeezed me even tighter. We let go and he held my hands. We stared deeply into each other's eyes and suddenly a teacher comes. We let go and hide under the cabinets.. I look at him and laugh. Trying to stay quiet I look at my phone which reads 3:15. I look at Luke and I show him. 

When the teacher is far back in the kitchen we sneak out the door she left opened. Luke grabs my wrist and pulls me up the stairs. I laugh as he almost stumbles and I almost fall over him. He still has the key in his back pocket..good! The door is unlocked because luckily Luke didn't lock it again. We run to the door, slip through and sit in our seats. After all the thrill, I take a deep breath and look back at Luke. We both flashed a bright smile. "So, do we mean any.." I was cut off by Mr. Smith..like always. He let us pack our bags and leave.  

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