Falling in Love with the Not So Bad Boy

Lilly has had a crush on Luke, the bad boy, for forever. That all changes after a detention they had together. They overcome some hard times of each other's lives using their love and trust. After some time Lilly notices that Luke isn't as much as a bad boy that she thought he was, although her mother disagrees.


10. Mrs. Wells?!

Chapter 10// Mrs. Wells?!

When I wake up for school, I know right away that it's not gonna be the best day. My stomach hurts and so does my head. I reluctantly get up and get dressed in some sweat pants and a sweatshirt. I put my hair up in a messy bun because I could care less about how I look right now. I go down stairs to realize that there are no bagels or boxes of cereal. I don't even want to eat anything anyway. 

I grabbed my backpack and left... As I turn around from closing the door, I see Luke. 

"I was gonna text you saying I was here but.. you're sorta already out the door." He says smiling.

I smile quickly and walk up to him. He goes to hug me but I push away and hold his arms back.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"Sorry, I'm just not feeling very well." I say as my head seems to be throbbing. He nods and grabs my hands gently as he kisses me on the forehead. He stares at me, obviously looking at how ugly I look. 

"Lilly, you look like a mess. You should stay home." Luke says a little concerned.

"No,no. I can't." 


"I just can't. I'm gonna have to make up detention and they'll all think I skipped school."

"Who is they?"

"Everyone, Luke! The teachers, the students... everyone! No one would believe me even if I had proof." 

"Ok then, Lilly. Just be careful." Luke says. I nod and we just walk to school.


Before Lunch, my whole body seems to have given up on me. My stomach, my head, and now my throat is getting a little sore. From what? I don't really know... Slowly, I make my way to my locker. Luke catches up with me. He tries to convince me to go home because I really don't look good. I really don't wanna go but now I think I should. So far I have no homework so I put all my books back in my locker. I then go to the nurse. She tells me to go home. The only problem is that I don't have a ride... I end up walking home even though I don't feel good but at least I can rest really soon.


Once I get home I literally drop my backpack and go upstairs to sleep. I turn on my t.v. for background noise and just lay down to rest. After what feels like days of sleeping, I wake up to text messages blowing up my phone. It's... Luke? I read the messages that say, "Detention is boring without you." "I hope you're feeling better, I'm glad you went home, you needed rest." I smile because it looks like Luke took over my trick of handing in a fake phone. "Miss you too Luke :) Now I need more rest ttyl." I reply. I put down my phone and turn over. I re-adjust my pillows and pull up the blanket that I pushed down. I get all snuggled up and fall asleep.

A little over an hour later, I wake up again to the sound of my front door opening. I don't even bother seeing who it is, I just turn over on my other side. I hear someone walk up the stairs. It's probably just Mrs. Wells checking in on me. I rest my head back down and stare at the t.v. All of a sudden a tall figure stands in my doorway... Mrs. Wells isn't that tall. I look up to see Luke. He smiles and I return one back.

"I wanted to stop by, and um your front door was unlocked." He says a little shyly as he stands against the door. And um, I could sort of tell where your room was regarding it had a giant 'L' hanging on the door." I smile, Luke is just the cutest. "How you feeling?" He asks as he takes a seat on the edge of my bed.

Thank god my room isn't a mess, that'd be embarrassing. "Better." I say as I sit up. "How was the rest of school?"

"Eh.. good I guess.You didn't miss much." Luke responds as he gets up and sits right next to me on the other side of the bed. "You still look terrible, you should rest more." I smile at his concern and lay back on my pillow. I again pull up the blanket. Luke gently wraps his arms around my waist, making sure he doesn't squeeze me too tight. I end up turning myself around and burying my head in his chest as he still holds me. I end up drifting asleep.

Luke's P.O.V (this is still part of chapter 10)

Lilly lays there lying so still. She is so adorable, my adorable little Lilly. I stay there with Lilly held into my arms as I run my hands through her long, soft, brown hair.

You could tell she was really sick... I continued to hold her as she laid snuggled into me. All of a sudden I hear someone walking up the stairs.. Who could it be? I gently sit up as the door slowly opens. 

"Lilly?" Asks this high pitched voice. I don't answer so the door just opens wider.

"Who are you?" She gasps as she looks at me.

"Mrs. Wells?!" I say, Lilly has talked about her.

"What are you doing here?" She yells at me.

"Oh, um, Lilly was sick so I came to uh check on her." I say scratching the back of my neck.

Mrs. Wells looks at Lilly then back at me. She gives me a weird look and glares at me. What? It wasn't like I was doing anything wrong.. I came to check on Lilly. She turns away and closes the door. I sign and lay back down next to Lilly. I wrap my one arm around her and keep the other one on my stomach. I look back at Lilly and smile. My sweet Lilly... <3





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