Falling in Love with the Not So Bad Boy

Lilly has had a crush on Luke, the bad boy, for forever. That all changes after a detention they had together. They overcome some hard times of each other's lives using their love and trust. After some time Lilly notices that Luke isn't as much as a bad boy that she thought he was, although her mother disagrees.


2. Detention

Chapter 2// Detention

Since Science is my last class I don't have to wait long for after school detention.. great. The shorter the better though, right? Oh well... I guess I sort of did deserve it. The five minutes left of class I worry about detention. How am I getting home? Will I be alone? I don't wanna be alone...

*DING DING* That's the bell! I loudly sigh and rush out the door. "Woah woah! I dismiss you, remember?" Mrs. Peotra says. "Lily you could sit down. Why are you in a rush? You're only going to detention... Nothing special." She says with an evil smile. The class does the little oooh thing that your younger siblings do to you when they're being annoying. I don't have any siblings.... luckily. I shuffle to my desk and sit down. She stares at me and then looks at the clock... "Ok go guys, have a nice day."

This time I stall to get out of the classroom... I let everyone go ahead. Luke comes to leave and offers for me to go forward. How could I resist to not go. I mean he is such a "gentleman."  I'm starting to think his bad boy rep is fading away... at least it is to me.

I rush to my locker and grab my homework. I have the slip in my hand still. Boy do I wish I could rip it to shreds. I've had detention before but this detention is such a stupid one... I get it for not paying attention in class?! Oh well, Mrs. Peotra must hate me. 

After I get all my books I rush upstairs to room 207. All the one-hundreds are on the bottom floor and all the two-hundreds are on the top so I know where I am going. Plus, I've been in the detention room before. I look down at the books I am carrying as I make my way to the room. As I look up I stop short. Of course, Luke is here.. I mean it is pretty obvious he gets detention a lot because it is his "rep" but he is the only one here. 

"Hey.. Luke." I greet weakly.

"Hey Lily" he says sort of excitedly as he scratches his head. "Mrs. Peotra must not like you?" He laughs.

"Well.... yeah I guess. I mean i'm probably not the only one who doesn't pay attention in her class." I say rolling my eyes.

"You seem pretty chill.." He says. (See! I told you his rep was wearing off.)

"Thanks.. I guess. But you seem chill too." Wow!! I'm having an actual conversation with Luke

Before Luke gets to respond Mr. Smith comes to the room. He unlocks the door and lets us in. "So, I'm Mr. Smith. Your detention teacher for the week. So here is what we do. I take your phones away and you do your homework. I'll leave the room and I'll be in the teacher's room if only an emergency happens. I'll be back at the end of the day to give you your phones and let you out of the school." Reluctantly, I pull my phone out of my plaid jacket and hand it over... Luke does the same. "I'll have the phones with me." Mr. Smith says. With the phones in his basket, he makes us take out our homework to show that we are "accomplishing something." He leaves the room and locks the door, taking the keys with him. If it was an emergency how would we get out? We could probably find a way.

I actually try to concentrate on my math homework when Luke interrupts. "So.." He starts as he slides across to the desk next to mine. "Let's talk." I drop my pencil and stare into his eyes. His eyes were sparkling and it was adorable. "Ye..." I start excitedly, "(clears throat) ...um yeah sure."  He laughs.. his laugh is adorable too. 

"So.. what do you like?" He asks.

"Well.. I like lots of things." I laugh. I then go on to tell him how I love punk rock bands like Green Day. I went on to say vans are my favorite shoes and plaid is just amazing.

'We could be like the same person." He says letting go a side smile. He runs his hand through his hair like all the cool guys do.

I go back to trying to do my homework and Luke sort of tries to too. And by try I mean he taps his pencil trying to make it look like he is thinking. I sigh because I'm having trouble with this stupid math problem. Luke seems to notice because he stops tapping his pencil. He stands up and is now hovering over me. He doesn't even ask if I need help he just picks up my pencil and talks me through it. I stare at him, his perfect shaped jaw moving up and down as he speaks. Could anyone be more perfect than him?


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