Falling in Love with the Not So Bad Boy

Lilly has had a crush on Luke, the bad boy, for forever. That all changes after a detention they had together. They overcome some hard times of each other's lives using their love and trust. After some time Lilly notices that Luke isn't as much as a bad boy that she thought he was, although her mother disagrees.


16. Cuddles

Chapter 15// Cuddles

While Luke, Calum, and Michael played Fifa sitting on the floor, I laid on the couch behind them and watched. Apparently Ashton doesn't really like video games so he sat and played on his phone. For some reason I was still really tired. I tried to stay awake and watch the boys play but my eyes were getting heavy. Within minutes I fell asleep.

Less than an hour later my eyes slowly opened to see Luke laying next to me, he fell asleep too. I smiled and rubbed my eyes a little. I looked down pretending to be asleep as I heard all the guys talking.

"She's beautiful." said Ashton i'm pretty sure.

"Yeah." Calum laughs. "Too beautiful for Luke's ugly ass." 

"They're adorable together!!" Michael says sounding a little offended.

I smile a little trying to not show that I heard. I slowly rub my eyes again and yawn. I lean up a little and look around.

"You're FINALLY awake!" Shouts Michael.

"Hey don't move.. I was comfortable." Says a sleepy Luke. He ran his hands through his hair and positioned himself, still next to me. I wrap my arms around him and hug him as close as I can. He is so warm.

About 10 minutes later Luke and I stop cuddling when Michael comes downstairs with two large pizzas. We all stared at him.

"When did you order pizza? I didn't hear you on the phone." asked Calum.

"I have the pizza man's number so I just texted him." Michael said. We all gave him a look. As he put down the pizza he said, "That sounds a little weird doesn't it?" 

"Very." Ashton replies. We all laugh and take a slice, except for me because I wasn't that hungry.

"Do you wanna eat anything?" Luke asks.

I shake my head, "No.. I'm not very hungry."

When Luke finishes eating I wrap my arms around him and curl up in a ball. Luke runs one hand through my hair as I lean my head on his shoulder. A little after everyone finishes, Luke walks me back home and I go to bed.


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