The star

Come and follow Tara as her life is turned upside down. Now in 'the star' Tara is force into a category. Will she survive? Or die trying?


1. prolouge

Tara's POV


I walk down the street silently, looking around enjoying the crisp cool night. I look at the trees before taking my spot on a park bench. I let my gaze travel to the sky, sighing. A gust of gentle wind tugs at my shoulders. I smiled slightly, turning to my backpack pulling out a thin grey sweater. After putting it on, I stared back at the sky. Moments seem to pass, before I heard a rustle. I turned my attention towards the sound cautiously. Soon a deer bounded out into the clearing, before turning to graze. I slowly pulled out my sketchbook and pencil. I watch a little bit more as 2 foals followed the doe. I drew my pencil across the page, soon creating a wonderful picture of the little family. I put away the sketchbook and pencil, after I was satisfied with my work. All seems right with the world.

A giant hand clamped over my mouth. Instantly I struggled against my attacker. The man grunted, easily overpowering me. I tried to scream, but all hope was lost. I sighed and went limp. My attacker surprised, loosen his grip around my arms and mouth. I immediately elbowed him with all I could muster and turned around kicking in the most precious spot on a man's body. I quickly ran grabbing my belongings, rushing over the sidewalk. My efforts all became useless when another buff man with a suit, jump out from the shadows., quickly pushing a needle into my neck. The world started to spin and everything went black.

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