The star

Come and follow Tara as her life is turned upside down. Now in 'the star' Tara is force into a category. Will she survive? Or die trying?


2. Chapter 1. (I am not good at titles)

Tara's POV


My eyes flickered open for a moment. "Aggghhh," I groaned, forcing myself up. My vision blurred, but soon became clear. 

The room I was in was small, consisting of the hard bed I was sitting on, and a table with some clothes on it. There was an even smaller side-room with a toilet and sink. After using the bathroom, I look at the glass walls of the first room. Walking to one of the walls, I peered through as I saw other people in similar cells. Some of them, look like they have not seen the light in days, others look like they were just in a battle. Sighing, I turned to the other glass, where people in white and grey clothes, walking around with see-threw tablets. Some where in a cubical working. There were a few doors, leading somewhere. 'Where am I? What happen?' I though. Realization struck me, last night, forest, deer, kidnap. I turned away from the glass wall, noticing there was a door with bars, of course locked. Sitting on the bed, I held with my hands, trying to clear my headache.


A tap on the door jolted me to my senses. I slowly turned towards the sound, where I saw a small, middle aged woman. In her hand she held a steaming tray. I cautiously stood up, walking towards the door.

"Here's your food." The lady said, pushing the tray through a slot.

"Um....thanks." I hesitantly murmured, taking the tray in my slightly shaky hands. The woman turned around about to walk away. "WAIT! Where am I?" I nearly yelled.

The woman turned and smiled. "You're in the star, love."

"What's the star?"

"You'll find out soon enough." With that she turned and walked away, leaving me in absolute silence.


I stared at the ground, attempting to have an unbeatable staring contest. I've lost track of the days. The lights never turn off down here.

I look up as the door unlocked and opened automatically. I stood up, looking at the other rooms. None of them were open. I shuffled my feet, unsure what to do.

Two men entered the room. They wore dark sun glasses and vest. Their black attire burned my eyes, the harsh contrast of the colors around making them stand out like a sore thumb. My eyes glanced down at their weapons. A string of numbers and letters was etched into the side of the gun. Before I got enough time to take a closer look, one of the guards grunted, "Hands up and turn around."

I numbly did as I was told, fear overwhelming my curiosity. The first guard grabbed my arms roughly, shoving them behind my back while the other one held me at gunpoint. After securing me with handcuffs, they ushered me out of the room.


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