I'm Just A Broken Girl (N.H)

When Jennifer broke up with her boyfriend, she ran away. She crashed into someone. It was Niall! They became friends but... Soon Niall fell in love with her but Jennifer still in pain after her ex. Does Jennifer fall in love with him or does Jennifer run away to Mason? Read it in "I'm just a broken girl."

If you read this far, comment: Naughty Boy, stay away from Zayn. OUR ZAYN!


1. meeting you first

"Remember how we met? You said I was beautiful. But then... You started calling me ugly and fat... You f**cking started to bully me!" You said angrily. "I don't care! You are ugly! B**ch!" Your bf said. "We're over!" You called. "You can't do that!" He spat. "Oh yeah? Show me in the rules book!" You challenged him. "Grr! You gonna get it!" I ran laughing until he grabbed my wrist. "Let go!" I yelled. "No!" Then he punched me! "What?" You stared in shock. "You want more?!" He asked. "N-no" you said scared. "Too bad!" He started to abuse you over and over again until you finally ran off again. Your eyes was filled with tears as you continued to run. Then you end into someone, and fell. "Ow!" "Oh my god! Are you okay?! I'm so sorry!" He or she said. " it's fine. I'm ok!" You smiled. "Whoa.." He (definitely he!) said. "My name is Jennifer!" DYou smiled. "Hey I'm Niall!" Then he bowed, making you laugh. Then that when you know, you in love with him. "So.. May I have your number? You know to be friends or something?" He asked nervously. "Sure! Here's my number! ########" "Thank!" "Np!" "Okay!" "Well, I gotta go!" You left. "Bye!" You heard. Niall pov

Whoa! When I met Jennifer, I knew I love her! It was love at first sight! I knew I gotta have her! I just love her a lot! <3 but.. She never gonna love me!

An: you want the next chapter? You need 5 likes! :* xx ~ Jennifer

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