Funeral of a Soilder

For memorial day


1. Poem

She tied a purple ribbon in her hair 

And wore a white dress

She stood in front of all those people

And said I wear this purple ribbon for my dad


In remembrance of his bravery

So I can know that he made it to heaven 

Because my dad was a hero

And my dad died protecting God's children


She said I put on this white dress for my dad

Because he told me that he loved me in white

I wear white because it's  a sign of my dad's love for me

I wear this white dress because I love my dad


And then she turned to her dad's casket

She layed down three orange roses 

And said these flowers are to remind my dad

 That he won't be  forgotten

And most importantly these flowers are to honor him

A soilder 

​And a father

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