Ripped Skinny Jeans

Felice is a new fan of 5SOS and she loved Calum. For a long day, Felice and Calum being a best friend and they loved each other. One day, Calum meet a girl and she broke their relationship. So, what Felice gonna do?


7. Chapter 7 : relationship

Grace's POV

"So you did it?" Felice asked me.

"Yeah. Here's 100 dollars." I give her the money.

"So how about you? And Calum?" I asked.

She laughed.

"We are friends. For now, not more. Because Calum is a shy boy. Not like Luke. You're so romantic babe." She said.

"How poor you pretty baby." I said.

My phone is ringing. Luke.

"Hello honey. How are you?" Luke asked.

"Hi Luke. I'm fine. How about you?" I asked.

"Same." He said.

"I think we can go out tomorrow." He said.

"Oh, sure." I said.

"I'll take you at 7pm tomorrow. Don't be late darling." He said.

"Okay. Bye, love you." I said

And the phone ended.

"Luke?" Felice asked.

"Yesh." I said.

"Felice, tomorrow is a special day for a date. So I can't go with you tomorrow." I said.

"Fuck you Grace. I'll go with others if you won't." I said.

"Up to you babe." I said, laughed.

"Maybe Catharine or Shelly. Or Calum??" She said.

"It's your problem. I don't care." I said.

"Wait, my phone is ringing." She said and take her phone on.

"Hello. Yeah. Okay." She said.

"I won't be alone, Grace." She said.

"What do you mean? Is that Calum?" I asked.

"Yes of course. So we will hang out together. Cause Luke and Calum are agree with that." She said.

"Bye, Grace. Good night." She said and left.

"Bye." I said, with a bad mood.

Done my 8th chapter. Sorry for a short chapter. I'll update tomorrow.

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