Ripped Skinny Jeans

Felice is a new fan of 5SOS and she loved Calum. For a long day, Felice and Calum being a best friend and they loved each other. One day, Calum meet a girl and she broke their relationship. So, what Felice gonna do?


5. Chapter 5 : Mini Concert






We're ready for the party.

We're really beautiful tonight

I'm using a pink and white dress and a heels. My hair is curly and perfect I think. I use a bracelet and necklace. Make up was made by Grace.

Grace was really pretty in her top and skirt. The motive is flower. I really love it!

"We still have 2 hours before the party started. What are we gonna do?" She asked.

"Eating some cake maybe?" I suggested

"You mean Calum and Luke?" She laughed

"Haha. I mean a cake. There's a cake in the refrigerator. I'll take for you. Wait for a minute." I said.


2 hours later

"Grace, I'm going to the toilet." I said

"Me too." She said.

But when we are walking, we hit a boy.

"Owch." I said.

He looked at me. Oh my god. Is that... Calum?

"Sorry, beautiful girl." He said.

"Wait! Wait!" I shouted him.

"Are you .. Cal..." He touch my lips.

"Sshhtt.. Don't say it. Okay. Follow me, you two." He said.

So we followed him.

We come into a room.


What the FUCK???

They are HERE!!

I'm back guys. Sorry for a really short chapter. Tomorrow I'll update moreee. I love u guys💛


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