Ripped Skinny Jeans

Felice is a new fan of 5SOS and she loved Calum. For a long day, Felice and Calum being a best friend and they loved each other. One day, Calum meet a girl and she broke their relationship. So, what Felice gonna do?


4. Chapter 4 : Josh

"Grace. There is your friend outside." Her mom called her.


"Okay mom. Wait for a minute." She said.


After her mom leave the room...


"It should be Josh! No way!" She said screamed.


"Keep calm Grace. It's okay. What's wrong? Go." I said.


"But Felice. He was my nightmare. I'm scared." She said


"Go all the away." I said.


She look at me seriously and she left.


5sos concert in our school just in 2 weeks ahead. This is FUCK! I can't wait to see them with their cool guitar, bass, their fucking weird costume, their cool voices. That's more than enough! AF!

I hopeeeeeeeee Calumm will seee meeee orrrr someethinggg willl beee happenn betweeennn meeee annnddd Caaaaluummmmmm!!!!!!


Oh no way! That's fucking awesome! Incredible!

"Felice. Can you just being a normal person?" Grace has come.

"Sooo?? What ?? Tell me what happen?" I said.

"I'll tell you everything now. From the first. Do you know why we broke up?" She asked me.


She nodded.

"Well, you know we're being in a relationship about 3months ago. I loved him damn much. I think he does too. But I was wrong."

"What do you mean?"

"Last month, I have received a news. I've got a certificate. It's for dancing class. You know right, I love to dance. I can study in Europe with that certificate. But he won't let me go. And he punched me so hard. It's hurt. After that, he apologize. But then, he always umm... Like, he is trying to kill me."

"How poor you! Why don't you tell me?"

"I just can't. I'm afraid. And after a month ago. He said he want me to leave. He don't loved me. I was angry. Really angry. But I'm the stupid one. Why do I let him to loved me? So we broke up. Today, he want me to back. But surely, I won't." She told me.

"Fuck! He is a really bad guy!"

"That's true." She said.

"You're more idiot than me. Forget about that fucking Josh! Just wait for Luke! I trust that he is more better than Josh!" I said.

"Okay. Forget that stupid boy! Forget that jerk!" She shouted.


"Okay. Let's make some plan together!" I said.

And we start it


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