Ripped Skinny Jeans

Felice is a new fan of 5SOS and she loved Calum. For a long day, Felice and Calum being a best friend and they loved each other. One day, Calum meet a girl and she broke their relationship. So, what Felice gonna do?


3. Chapter 3 : Heartbreak Girl and Heartbreak Boy

"Felice! Wake up! It's already 6.30 AM!" My Mom shouted from downstairs.

I'm on my way to downstairs. But that sound make me feel bad. I hate when My Mom always shouted like she was angry. Fine. Let it go.

"Bye Mom. See you." I leave my dream house. (I mean my beautiful house)

I arrived at school and looking for Grace.

But I can't see her anywhere. In the class, canteen, library, there's no Grace. Where is she?

So I choose to ask the teacher. Her teacher is Ms. Hanna. She is a good teacher.

"Excuse Me." I said

"Oh! Hello Felice! What happen?" She answered and immediately close her lunchbox.

"Mm.. Just asking, where is Grace? I can't find her today." I said.

"Owh. I see. She doesn't come today. From the letter, it said that she is sick." She said.

"Sick? Okay. Thank you miss. Have a nice day."

"Have a nice day too, Felice."

This is weird. She always said to me if she was sick. But now? No. She doesn't say anything. I have to go to her house. What happen to her?

"Knock knock"

Someone open the door.

"Good afternoon, Felice! What happen?" Her mom, Rebecca said.

"Good morning Mam. I just want to meet Grace. And give her some fruit and our lesson today. I've heard that she was sick." I said.

"Grace is so lucky to have a best friend like you! Okay. You can go upstairs." She let me in.

"Thankyou Mam." I come in and step into the stairs."

I opened the door. I see Grace.

"Hello girl." I said.

She doesn't say anything. She stays quiet and sit there.

"What happen to you Gr..." I stopped my mouth. I really shocked when I see her face.

"Oh My God! What happen to you?" I asked. I seriously really shocked.

"Shut up your mouth! I'm not in a mood!" She said. I shocked again. But I know, she was afraid.

"Keep Calm, Grace. Don't be afraid." I said.

"I--I'm not afra... I'm not afraid!" She shouted, frightened.

"What's wrong Grace? Tell me."

"Okay, I will. Yesterday, someone call me up. Like a broken record. Saying that his heart hurt. He end up crying and I end up lying. He said "thanks for being a friend". He said he will call me tomorrow at 10. And I'll stuck in the friend zone again! Huft.. I know this is gonna happen! But you know that this is so frustrating! I wanna scream out. He can be with me now! But how if he already had a girlfriend? That she treats him so bad and he even don't know that I'm the good one for him, it's not fair!" She said. Almost crying.

"You mean, Josh?" I asked.

"Yeah. You know. We already finished over. We're just a friend. Maybe he can't accept that before. But now? Maybe he had a girlfriend. The one who always make himself feeling bad! Now? I'm so stupid! I've just realize that I still love him! But I can't it's too late." She cried

"Grace. You said maybe. So how if he still wants you back? Same like what you feeling now." I said.

Grace confused. She started to open her mouth and start to talk, but something cut it off.

Olla! This is the third chapter! Thanks for reading this! I hope you like it! Please tell me what's wrong with the story. I know there's many mistakes that I've made. Sorry for that. Keep support me guys! I love you! I'll be update tomorrow!


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