Ripped Skinny Jeans

Felice is a new fan of 5SOS and she loved Calum. For a long day, Felice and Calum being a best friend and they loved each other. One day, Calum meet a girl and she broke their relationship. So, what Felice gonna do?


16. Chapter 16 : New one

Felice's POV

TODAY, we are going out with the boys (I mean Calum and Luke)

Oh sorry, I mean we are hanging out with them.

But I'm so sorry, there are Michael and Ashton also.

And Also a girl. A beautiful girl, yes. She is really beautiful! But I hate her very much!

One hour ago...

"Hey girls!" Calum called us.

"Hi" we relied together

"So, where are we g..." Luke was talking but something interrupted him.

"Hey! So you guys are here! Why don't you say to us?" Michael called out and oh! He is with Ashton!

"Hi!" Ashton said. I know he pointed that for me. Cause I can see his eyes.

"Hey. Don't forget me." A girl shouted from the back.

Oh! This girl is really cute and beautiful! Who is she?

"Owh! You're there! I think you still looking for some dresses!" Michael said.

"We Are sorry. Oh yeah! So, Luke, Calum, Felice and Grace, this is Melissa! She is my cousin!" Ashton said.

"Hi!" She said. I think she is a nice person.

"Oh My God! Is that Luke and Calum? I can't believe my eyes! Wait, wait! We have to take some photos!" She scream out and find her phone in her bag.

They do some selfies(wefies) okay. That's okay.

But can you imagine?

"Oh! I love u guys! Ash! Can We walk together with these cool guys!" She said. What? She ignored us! Me and Grace.

"Umm.." Calum started to talk

"Oh! Okay! It's better!" Michael said, he is so happy.

"Okay!" Melissa replied.

This is so boring! This is our date! But ? A girl came and stole everything from us. Ashton, I won't like her forever.


She took everything! We're in a restaurant and she sits between Cal and Luke! And I sit beside Ashton, Grace besides Michael.

I can see Calum's face. He is so jealous, and mad. He jealous of ASHTON and mad to MELISSA.

Luke also. Me and Grace also.

"Hey Luke! You're cool! May I kiss you?" She asked.

"No, you shouldn't. And you can't." Luke replied.

"Oh, you're so cool!" She said.

And finally, Grace take the lead.

Grace's POV


Can she just sits there like a good princess? So no one will being crazy to hear her voices.

I always try to not get mad. I try to control my emotional. But It's enough.

"Oh, you're so cool!" She said and she hugs Luke Robert Hemmings my bae.

"Can you just shut up your mouth and stop talking?" I asked her.

"Who are you?" She asked and lay down at Luke's arms.

"Don't keep asking. We feel so bad to see you here. You're a troublemaker." I said.

"I don't make any problem! And why do you say we? It is only you right?" She asked like a stupid person ever.

"No. There are me, Felice, Calum and Luke!" I shouted to her.

"You are kidding me! That's not funny." She laughed.

"Don't continue your laugh or you'll get a nightmare today." I said.

I see Felice gave me a code. Like a thumbs and say "that's great!" I smiled.

Luke was talking with that girl. I don't know what. I hate this.

"Come with me." Luke comes to me and pull my hands.

"For what?"

"Just do it." He said.

And I followed him.

"What happen Grace?" Luke asked me.

"Nothing." I said. He didn't understand myself.

"Come on. Say it. Are you jealous?" He asked me.

"Of course I am!" I felt the tears came out from my eyes. "Maybe you don't know what I feel! Of course! I'm jealous with her! She sits beside you! And I? Why do I have to sit beside Mikey? I wanted you to know! But you don't! You look so happy with her! I don't know more Luke! I can't understand this!" I said and run away from his face. I don't want to get back.

I go out from the restaurant and it's raining outside! I run away, don't even know where am I going. I cried, I screamed. I can't believe this Luke!

Felice's POV

"Hey Luke!" I called him when he gets back.

"What happen? Where's Grace?" I asked him.

"I don't know." He replied.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"I don't know! She runs away." He said.

"What? Don't kidding me! We have to find her!" I said.

"It's okay. Just let her being okay." He said.

"What? Why so you say that? How if she Lost? She even don't know where she is! What are you thinking? Are you fucking let her go when you met a new fucking girl! Do you fall in love with that bitch? No Luke! I can't understand yourself! If everything going to be like this, you shouldn't love her from the first!" I shouted. He is stupid. I'm going out from the restaurant and found that it was raining outside.

"Hey. Keep Calm." Calum said. I don't know he was here.

"I'm scared. Grace would be lost." I said.

"What? Okay. We're going to find her. Michael! We're not going for a dinner! We'll went out!" He said.

He turn on his car and start the engine.

"I believe that she is not far from here." I said.

He nodded.

Oh. Luke is a stupid boy.

It's Chapter16! I hope you like it guys! I'll update later! Love u!!!


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