They Don't Know About Us

Hi, my name is Scarlett. I'm writing an article for a magazine. The topic is high school stories. A flashback into the past is exactly what I need for this article. So I called in a few friends to help me explain everything. It's like a story book, coming to life.
I was a shy junior, who moved schools, so many times because of getting bullied. It's my first day of school, & I've already made new friends...Harry, Louis, Liam, & Niall. This year will change more to find out how.
(Present time to past time)


13. She's Afraid of Falling in Love

The party ended & we were all heading home. Niall & I decided to walk, since we one lived 15 minutes away(walking distance). We were smart enough to bring a change of clothes, so I was in shorts & a crop top; he was in shorts & his white dress shirt from the party, he just rolled up the sleeves. We were both walking in flip flops, since it wasn't cold outside tonight.

Niall: Scarlett?

Scarlett: yes Niall?

Niall: you don't have to tonight. I'd rather you wait, than to regret your choice later on.

Scarlett: Niall, I wouldn't regret anything. Let's just see how things go when we get home.

Niall: okay my love, that's fine by me. *cheesy smile; I laughed*

Scarlett: Niall...

Niall: yes my princess?

Scarlett: am I the one?

Niall: in my opinion yes...and I've never been so sure about something in my life.

I just smiled, not knowing what to say.

Niall: I love you Scarlett.

Scarlett: I love you too Niall.

We walked in comfortable silence on the way to his flat. He had his arm around my waist & I laid my head on his arm...since he is so tall, I can't reach his shoulder. We get closer & closer to his flat & the tension is building.

Scarlett: I really have to pee

Niall: haha well you can go as soon as we get to the flat

Scarlett: what?...wait did I say that out loud?

Niall: haha yes my dear.

Scarlett: oh gosh, I'm sorry Niall *burying my head into his chest*

Niall: haha it's okay love.

We got to his flat & I headed straight to the bathroom. I heard things being shuffled outside in the living room. I was curious as to what he was doing, but I didn't leave the bathroom. I took off my cami that was under my crop top, then put my crop top back on; I folded the ends of my shorts, to make them a little bit shorter. I had on my new lace Victoria Secret undergarments, which boosted my confidence about my body. I took a last glance at myself before leaving the bathroom. I walked down to the living room & saw a few candles set up, with soft music playing; all I did was smirk & laugh.

Scarlett: oh Niall! Where are you? *walking around the house*

Niall: looking for me?

He was holding a plate of chocolate covered strawberries & two cans of Sprite. I just laughed, and he gave me a cheesy smile.

Niall: since we are under age, two cans of Sprite was all Harry could get me. He helped me with a lot of this. *laughing nervously*

Scarlett: well, that was very sweet of him, but... *walking towards him, putting my hands on his chest* about we save those for the morning, and we can just skip to the best part? *messing with the buttons on his shirt*


Niall's POV:

I was shocked; she's wanting this happen. Earlier this week, she said she didn't want to, until she was married, but she wants to "skip to the best part". I don't know what to do. 

Niall: A-are you sure? I mean I want to, believe me, but I don't want you to regr-- *worried*

Scarlett: I'm not going to regret anything. I'm just afraid of falling in love.*calmly; stepping back and looking down*

My worried face turned into a slight smile, then to a smirk. I grabbed her hand and pulled her close.

Niall: Why don't we go somewhere?

She just smiled and nodded. I swept her off her feet, bridal style, causing her to laugh. I just smiled as we walked up the stairs.

Niall: my love?

Scarlett: yes good lookin'?

I just laughed at what she called me.

Niall: Did you just call my good lookin'?

Scarlett: Yes I did babe.

Niall: haha thank you, but anyways, I'll be right back.

Scarlett: okay

Scarlett's POV:

I sit on his bed, waiting from him to get back, so I decided to look around. As I look at the walls, I see so many pictures of his family, his friends, the band, and so much more. Then, there was one that caught my eye. 

Niall: we looked pretty comfy on that couch.

I jump and jerk around, seeing him standing in the door way with his arms crossed and a smile on his face.

Scarlett: uh...yeah we did. Haha

It was a picture of us sleeping on the couch after watching the movie with everyone, at the campfire, the day him and I met. I didn't even know this picture was taken. Niall walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder.

Scarlett: who took this picture?

Niall: Harry thought of it and Louis took the picture. They told me to pretend to be asleep, so it would "look cuter"...but then I told them that I didn't need to do that to make the picture cuter, because you were in it *cheesy smile*

Scarlett: awww haha

Niall: that's exactly what they did haha.

We both laughed and just stood there for awhile.

Scarlett: Niall...

Niall: yes?

Scarlett: when you saw me standing in the doorway of the music room...what did you think?

Niall: well, at first, I thought you were one of those super-stocker fan girls trying get a glimpse of the new album. Then, I said hi, and you didn't freak out, you just looked nervous, which is understandable since you were obviously shy at the I knew you weren't one of our least not enough of one to know who I was. Then, I started talking to you. I fell in love with everything about you in art class....yeah that's about it.

I smiled at the ground, then he started singing.

She sneaks out in the middle of the night, yeah
Tight dress with the top cut low
She's addicted to the feeling of letting go
Let it go
She walks in and the room just lights up
But she don't want anyone to know
That I'm the only one that gets to take her home
Take her home
But every time I tell her that I want more
She closes the door
She's not afraid of all the attention
She's not afraid of running wild
How come she's so afraid of fallin' in love
She's not afraid of scary movies
She likes the way we kiss in the dark
But she's so afraid of fa-fa-fallin' in love
Maybe she's just trying to test me
Wanna see how hard I'm gonna work
Wanna see if I can really tell how much she's worth
What you're worth
Or maybe all her friends have told her don't get closer
He'll just break your heart
But either way she's teasing me and it's just so hard
Cause every time I tell her how I feel
She says it's not real
(One, two, three, four)
She's not afraid of all the attention
She's not afraid of running wild
How come she's so afraid of fallin' in love
She's not afraid of scary movies
She likes the way we kiss in the dark
But she's so afraid of fa-fa-fallin' in love
What about all the things we say
Talking on the phone so late
I can't let her get away from me
But when I say that I can't do it no more
She's back at my door
She's not
She's not afraid of all the attention
She's not afraid of running wild
How come she's so afraid of fallin' in love
She not afraid of scary movies
She likes the way we kiss in the dark
But she's so afraid of fa-fa-fallin' in love
She's not afraid
She's not afraid

I just smiled and looked down. He turned me around and I was looking at our feet. He lifted up my chin and smiled at me.

Niall: you don't have to be I told you when we met...I'll catch you when you fall, always.

He placed a small kiss on my lips and pulled back with a big grin on his face. I didn't know what to do, so I just smiled back.

Scarlett: can we wait tonight? I wanna talk about things first.

Niall: Absolutely my princess...I'll wait for you, as long as it takes.

I just smiled at him...I wasn't ready, but I wanted him so badly. I wanted to get to know him better though.

Scarlett: so...

Niall: well, what'd you think of me when you first saw me?

Scarlett: well...I knew who you were, but I thought you'd have a huge ego & be a jerk...but I was obviously completely wrong. When I started talking to you, I didn't realize how much of a great guy you were until I took you home. When you met my parents...they wouldn't leave me alone about you, asking so many questions.

Niall: what kind of questions?

Scarlett: you know the basics. Like favorite food, color, movie, song, etc. Your birthday & lots more

Niall: I love all foods. My favorite color is green. My favorite movie is Grease. My favorite song is Boys of Summer by Don Henley. And my birthday is September 13, 1993

Scarlett: haha alright, thank you.

Niall: how about you?

Scarlett: what? *my head shots up*

Niall: will you answer those questions?

Scarlett: oh, yeah. Umm....I love food, but especially candy, but not chocolate. My favorite color of red. My favorite movie is A Walk To Remember. My favorite song is End of the Day by One Direction haha. Then my birthday is November 13, 1993.

Niall: wait?! Tomorrow is your birthday.

Scarlett: um yeah haha

Niall: why didn't you tell me?

Scarlett: I don't normally celebrate my birthday.

Niall: why not?

Scarlett: I never had people to spend it with. My family was all out of town & I never had many friends.

Niall: well that's going to change, starting tomorrow.

Scarlett: Niall, you don't have to.

Niall: Scarlett, you are having a party, or at least something. I'm not letting my girlfriend not celebrate her birthday.

Scarlett: fine fine...Just you, the guys and the girls though. You know, the people that went to the mall.

Niall: awesome! I'll be right back...I have to make a few calls *kisses my cheek; gets up and runs out the bedroom door*

Scarlett: alright, nothing too big, okay?

Niall: if that's what you want *screaming from downstairs*

I just laugh and continue to look around the room. I found a box on his dresser, but it was locked. I looked around for the key, but couldn't anything. I lifted up the box to get a closer look at it, then a small key dropped from the bottom of the box. I picked it up and admired it; it had a NH on it, his initials. It looked like it was engraved into the key, then painted over with a green paint of some sort. I thought about whether or not to open the box, but decided against it. I placed the key back onto the bottom of the box, then placed the box back on his dresser. I backed away from the dresser and sat down on his bed. I was messing with my fingers, when Niall walked in.

Niall: hey princess, what are you doing?

Scarlett: just wondering what's in that box. *motioning to the box on the dresser*

Niall: did you see the key on the bottom?

Scarlett: yeah, but I didn't want to invade your privacy.

Niall: what's mine is yours...I have nothing to hide. Here you go love. *handing the box and key to me* We can go through it together. *smiles; sits down next to me*

Scarlett: o-okay. 

I open the box and see notes with little drawings attached. There was a picture of us...the same one that was on his wall. Many drawings and notes of his.

Scarlett: what are these?

Niall: don't read them...I'll use them later for something. I hope you'll like it.

Scarlett: haha okay love.

Niall: what do you want to do now love?

Scarlett: do you wanna go for a walk?

Niall: at 2:30 at night?

Scarlett: yeah, why not.

Niall: ok, let's go haha

We get up from the bed & walk downstairs. Niall grabs his coat, and I don't have one.

Scarlett: do you have a jacket I can borrow?

Niall: here *opens up his arms*

I walk over and turned around, putting my back on his chest. He wrapped his arm around my neck & we walked out the door. We walked to the park in silence, then sat down on a few swings next to each other and started swinging.

Scarlett: Niall, do you want your jacket back?

Niall: no, it's alright lovely. You're cold, besides...when we get home, we can cuddle and I'll get warmer that way. *cheesy smile*

Scarlett: haha that sounds lovely.

Stranger: Hey! You two! Scarlett...Is that you??

Scarlett: no no...Pretend you didn't hear him. Please hurry up and walk quickly *whispers*

Niall: what who is that? *whispers back*

Scarlett: Jacob

He looked at me with wide eyes and got up from the swings. He gave me a hug and we started walking back to Niall's house. Jacob was following us...I don't whats going to happen. Niall picks me up and starts running a different direction...I think into town, where it's public. 

Niall: Let's get to Nandos, the people I know there will keep him out.

Scarlett: Niall, it's past closing hours...

Niall: but there was a party tonight, so they'll still be open.

I didn't say anything, but I held on tight as he ran. We arrived at Nandos and Niall talked to the people in the front. They called the police...keeping Jacob outside. Then, I had a'd he know I was here? I had to ask him. So I snuck outside without Niall noticing me. I stood outside, but closely by the door and told Niall's friends to stand outside with me.

Scarlett: Jacob? What the hell are you doing here? How'd you find me?

Jacob: Is that anyway to greet your lover?

Scarlett: I'm not your f*cking lover...I have a boyfriend.

Jacob: ahhh Mr. Horan. Do you really think he loves you? Do you really think that you would ever be loved? Especially by someone like him. He doesn't love you...he never did and he never will. You honestly will believe anything people will tell you...nothing's changed.

Scarlett: I don't believe anything you're saying...Niall loves me. I'm his princess and he's my prince.

Jacob: Life isn't a fairy tale Scarlett. For gosh sake, wake up from the childish dream you are living. It's not going to work out. He. Will. Never. Love. You.

I couldn't breathe...I was feeling dizzy and everything was becoming dark. The last thing I saw was my prince punching the jerk who made my life miserable. Then everything went dark. I heard screaming, sirens, and loud voices; but one voice stuck out to me...

"Everything will be okay. You'll be okay my princess...I promise" ~Niall *voice fades away; then silence filled my thoughts*

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