They Don't Know About Us

Hi, my name is Scarlett. I'm writing an article for a magazine. The topic is high school stories. A flashback into the past is exactly what I need for this article. So I called in a few friends to help me explain everything. It's like a story book, coming to life.
I was a shy junior, who moved schools, so many times because of getting bullied. It's my first day of school, & I've already made new friends...Harry, Louis, Liam, & Niall. This year will change more to find out how.
(Present time to past time)


19. Present Time: Back At Scarlett's Apartment

Present Time: Back At Scarlett's Apartment

Harry: alright can you read us what you have now? I saw you were writing a lot down.

Scarlett: yeah one sec...let me finish this thought.

*45 seconds*

Scarlett: alright...uh, here goes nothing I guess. *clears throat*

My adventures with these people twisted my life upside down. They made me laugh, cry, confused, and every other feeling that can ever be thought of. The flirty one, *looking at Harry* taught me that being naughty isn't always bad. The smart one, *looking at Liam* taught me that thinking before my actions was a very intelligent move. The funny one, *looking at Louis* taught me that there is always someone there to talk to, no matter what the situation. And my first love *looking at Niall* taught me that love isn't based on time; it's based on how much you care for each other. That not matter how hard it gets for them, if they truly love each other, they will always be there for you, through thick or thin. The right love will come back to you; it just takes time to heal itself. Harry Styles(the flirty one), Liam Payne(the smart one), Louis Tomlinson(the funny one), and Niall Horan(my first love) have all been there for me since the day I met them. My junior year was the best year of high school I've ever experienced, because of them. Friends make everything better, if you choose the right ones. My junior year, definitely impacted my life; I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Liam: brilliant Scarlett.

Scarlett: thank you Liam *nods head; smiles*

Niall: I'm glad we go that we can go shopping for the event tomorrow.

Scarlett: yeah, let me call Sabrina...let her know that I'm ready to go shopping. We are heading to a special store to get our dresses. So I'll see you guys when I get back. 

I grab my keys, phone, and my purse before heading out the door. I run to my car, and turn on the radio; I heard the guy's new song...If I Could Fly. I listen very carefully to the lyrics, and I start to tear up. I drive out of the drive & continue to listen to the song. I didn't notice that I was crying, tears were streaming my face, when the song ended...I cleaned my face with a tissue & smiled. I continued to listen to the radio; listening to Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, 5sos, Sam Smith, etc., then another One Direction song came on, What A Feeling. I started listening very carefully...flashbacks of my first red carpet event went through my head.


Dancing in the crowd, next to Niall, having so much fun. Locking our lips together in the corner of the room, close to giving it all away that night. That night was amazing.

*end of flashback*

I smiled to myself, just thinking about that night

*ring ring*

I jumped, not realizing how deep in thought I was. I looked at my was Cliff, just great. I picked up the phone, already regretting it.

Scarlett: hello?

Cliff: so I heard One Direction was in town...why did the press see then entering your house?

Scarlett: they are my friends from high school.

Cliff: you still love him?

Scarlett: love who?

Cliff: you know who...Niall.

I didn't answer, I couldn't answer...but I knew my answer.

Cliff: Scarlett? You have to choose. Him or me? The one that broke your heart, or the one who has your heart.

Scarlett: woah woah! Who said you had my heart? I will never love you as much as I love Niall. We're through Cliff, you can't tell a girl to choose between you and someone else. Bye...forever.

Cliff: but Scarlett I--

I hung up the phone, feeling 10 times better. I can finally be with Niall, without any set backs.

I got to the shop, and I was 10 minutes earlier than what I told Sabrina to meet me at. So I decided to check my Twitter. Lots of comments about how Niall & I should get back together. I got an idea, and decided to just go for it.

@Scarlett_Horris (I just made this up)

Guess who's single? Me! *kissy face emoji/wonky face emoji*

Soon the comments came rolling in, saying stuff like "aye @Niall_Horan she's free" or "@Niall_Horan, go get her!". Then I saw the guy's comments...oh gosh.

@Harry_Styles commented "hey babe, hook Horan up, he misses you. *winking face emoji*"

@Liam_Payne commented "hey @Niall_Horan, go get your girl before someone else does"

@Louis_Tomlinson commented "hey baby, be Niall's. Oh baby, be Niall's...or that'll just drag him down" omg reference.

Then I saw another comment....Niall.

@Niall_Horan commented "give me until tomorrow night...her relationship status will change *winking emoji/ kissy emoji*"

I just laughed & got out of the car into the store, since Sabrina just got there.

Sabrina: hey...Mrs.Horan

Scarlett: oh my gosh Sabrina, hush! Haha *nudging her shoulder*

Sabrina: haha sorry, I just knew you & Cliff wouldn't last long. I could tell he was just a distraction, especially since you never had sex with him yet...& you have sex with Niall multiple times before he had to leave.

Scarlett: Sabrina, shhhh. Not so loud in public!

Sabrina: haha alright, let's go look for dresses then.

We go to the rack with the size 3-4 are on. We were both slim, but curvy, so we fit into the 3-4 size dresses, instead of the 1-2 rack. I am looking through the multiple dresses & can't find any that I like. I want modest, but sexy...but all these dresses have low cuts, openings, or they are almost transparent on the areas that I want covered.

Sabrina: hey Scarlett, look at this dress, it's just what you're looking for.

I turn around to see that she's holding a beautiful lime green dress. It had about 3-fingers wide for the sleeves, a choker-collar, and the dress zipped all the way up; it was floor length w/ a flow to it...not a stiff kind of dress.

Sabrina: what are you waiting for? Go try it on!

I nodded and took the dress from her hands, then went to the dressing room. I undressed & carefully started to put the dress on. I got it on, and zipped it up...that took my a few minutes, since I had to stretch behind myself to zip it up all the way. I walked out if the dressing room & motioned for Sabrina to come.

Sabrina: oh my gosh Scarlett! You look beautiful! Niall will definitely love you in that! Ugh girl, yes yes yes. That is the dress for you!

Scarlett: haha thanks girl! Now, have you found your dress?

Sabrina: I have a few options...but I definitely love this purple one.

Scarlett: well...go try it on! Haha

She rushes into the dressing room & soon comes out. Her dress was was a light purple(at the top) faded into a darker purple(at the bottom). Her dress tied in the back & had a slightly low cut in the back. It flowed like my dress, but it had a slit for her leg to pop out of.

Scarlett: girl, you look perfect! Harry won't be able to keep his hands off of you!

Sabrina: haha thanks boo *wink* & he probably doesn't like me anyways.

Scarlett: are you kidding? I showed him a picture of you & he was like "damn, that girl is hot" *perfect impression of Harry*

We both pause & look at each other, then bust out laughing, while the store clerk looks at us like we're crazy.

Sabrina: we should hurry, so we can get our heels at the mall before it closes.

Scarlett: alright, let's go pay for theses dresses then.

We pay for the dresses & both drive to the mall.

~~~~~~~~~~skip car ride~~~~~~~~~~

I meet Sabrina outside of the mall & see a familiar car.

Scarlett: they're here

Sabrina: who?

Scarlett: the guys

Sabrina: One Direction?

Scarlett: yep.

Sabrina: oooh this should be fun.

We walk in, I grow to get nervous. What if she doesn't approve of Niall? I really hope she does. We head straight to the shoes, and start looking for pairs of heels to match our dresses. About 5 minutes into searching for our heels, I start to hear a familiar laugh that made my knees weak, Niall. I love that laugh.

Niall: shut up you guys, let's not get ahead of ourselves *laughing* Besides, I'm not even sure if she wants to get back together with me.

Louis: mate, she's in love with you. It's obvious.

Harry: yeah Niall, besides...if she "dances" with you at the party, instead of avoids you...that's a definite sign she's still into you.

Niall: let's hope.

The pass the shoe section without noticing Sabrina & I.

Sabrina: why didn't you say hi?

Scarlett: because...well you heard them.

Sabrina: and? Just dance with him.

Scarlett: Sabrina! I don't even know how to least the way Harry was talking about.

Sabrina: you mean grinding?

Scarlett: yeahhhh. That.

Sabrina: well, you'll learn before tomorrow night. Let's hurry up. We need jewelry, then we need to go home & teach you how to grind.

Scarlett: how are you going to teach me?

Sabrina: the Internet, duh?

I just laughed nervously.

We finished shoe shopping and headed to the jewelry store. They were in there...what are they doing?

Niall: I hope she'll love them.

Holding up a box with diamond earrings with emeralds.

Liam: mate, don't worry, she'll love them. They'll match her dress. Briana sent Louis a picture of Scarlett's dress. It was lime-green, they'll match perfectly.

I knew that other girl in the store looked familiar! It was Briana Jungwirth...Louis's girlfriend, well the girl he got pregnant like 2 months ago.

Niall: I hope so. I'm so nervous. I want to win her back.

Harry: Cliff is out of the picture, remember? Who's the competition?

Niall: my past self.

They all just looked at him with no words. Sabrina started to walk in there.

Scarlett: Sabrina, what the hell are you doing? *whisper yelling*

Sabrina: shhhh you'll thank me. *whisper yelling*

She walked in & smiled at the guys.

Sabrina: hi boys. I'm Sabrina *putting her hand on her chest*, I'm Scarlett's best friend.

Harry: it's very nice to meet you Sabrina. Where is Scarlett, isn't she supposed to be with you today?

Sabrina: oh yes, she's in the restroom, and I told her to meet me here once she was done.

Harry: so she's not with you at the moment? *stepping closer to her*

Sabrina has a huge crush on Harry, so she started to get nervous. She started fixing her hair, messing with her clothes, and looking at her feet. Smooth haha.

Sabrina: uh yeah, she's not with me.

Harry: so can I ask you a question?

Sabrina: sure.

Harry: does she talk about Niall?

Sabrina: oh yes. She still loves him.

Harry: see Niall, nothing to worry about.

Niall just nodded & smiled. Harry got closer to Sabrina.

Harry: now one more you have a date to the event tomorrow night?

Sabrina: nope. I was just going to hangout with Scarlett, but now that she's with Niall...I have no one *looking at her feet*

I knew what she was doing...guilt flirty trick. I taught her that one.

Harry: well, Sabrina, will you be my date? *bowing*

Sabrina: I'd love to *curtsying*

I walk into the store & Niall quickly puts the box behind his back.

Scarlett: What'd I miss?

Sabrina: well, Harry is my date to the event tomorrow night.

Scarlett: aye nice babe! And Harry, I swear, you break her heart...I'll break you

Harry & the guys looked so scared. Sabrina & I looked at each other, then started laughing. The guys laughed nervously with us.

Sabrina: she's just kidding...mostly haha

Harry smiles nervously & puts his arm around her. I make eye contact with Niall & smiled.

Scarlett: I need to get a bracelet & some earrings.

Niall's eyes widened & he looked panicked. He looked at Liam for help.

Liam: uh Scarlett...I don't think you need earrings. You'll have your hair up, right?

Scarlett: no, I'm leaving my hair down.

Liam: okay, but I feel like the silver diamond earrings will match any dress you buy.

Scarlett: yeah, I guess you're right.

Niall calmed down & mouthed "thank you" to Liam; Liam nodded in response.

Scarlett: so I just need a bracelet or two. *looking around* Oh Sabrina! Look at these! They came in a set of 4, and they have green & purple together!

Sabrina: oh my gosh, yes. They are beautiful!

Harry: you two want them? We'll buy them for you girls.

Scarlett: no no it's okay, we can buy them, really.

Niall: no no, it's alright love...please?

We just looked at each other. I looked at him with a blank face, as he looked at me with a big grin.

Scarlett: fine. But just this once.

Niall: you know that's not true.

Scarlett: yeah yeah.

They bought the bracelets for Sabrina & I, and handed us our colors.

Liam: the mates & I were about to go have some dinner. Do you two ladies want to join us?

Sabrina: that sounds delightful, right Scarlett?

Scarlett: yeah, that sounds great! *smiling*

Louis: alright then, let's head to the limo.

I just rolled my eyes at them for riding her to the mall.

We walked to the limo & all piled in a quickly as possible, because press were slamming us with questions & pictures. As we settle into the limo, we start to chat & something comes up.

Sabrina: so guys, if you're not on tour, I'm having a New Year's Eve party, later on. I know you all need a long time in advance with knowing things.

Harry: yeah I think we could make it to that, if you can make it our Christmas party.

Sabrina: absolutely *smiles*

Louis: hey Niall, you two remember the last New Year's Eve party we went to?

Scarlett: I do, but I really don't want to talk about it.

Sabrina: why not? Sounds like an interesting story

I glare at her & she sinks down into her seat.

Scarlett: we were just kids...we didn't know what we were doing. So let's not talk about it.

There is a long pause between us all, then...

Harry: well you see *i throw my hands up in the air in frustration* they really like competition, and we were playing truth or dare, before the time fore the ball drop. It was Niall's turn to go, & he always picks truths, so we begged him to pick dare. Well our dare to him was "go jump in the pool naked". Scarlett opened her mouth saying that it wasn't fair since it was freezing cold outside. So we dared her to do it with him. They don't pass up they both went to do it, & they were laughing about it, but never came back. We went looking for them 10 minutes later...knowing that they were out of the water already. They were in the hot tub...making love.

I have my head in my hands, while Niall is rubbing my back.

Niall: Harry...that's enough.

Harry: what? There was nothing wrong with that story.

Niall: Harry please.

Scarlett: no they deserve to know.

Louis: know what?

Niall: pregnant, but had a miscarriage with the baby, the day before we were leaving for tour. That's what happened, that's why we started arguing.

Scarlett: it was a stupid fight, because we couldn't do anything about it. We blamed it on him seeing me with my guy friend, that day on the bus when he had the magazine. So none of you would know...that's why we were both so upset for the longest time.

Sabrina: aww Scarlett, I'm so sorry babe. *giving me an awkward hug(since we were in a limo*

Niall rubbed his eyes & messed with his hair. My makeup was running from crying into my hands. Niall spoke to my surprise.

Niall: we were already starting to move Scarlett into my flat. We bought all the stuff needed for the baby. We were going to get married...but that was all cut off because of my stupid words.

Scarlett: Niall don't blame yourself...words are words, those were forgiven. We couldn't have done anything to save the baby.

Everyone was silent...Harry...he spoke up.

Harry: you two are the strongest people I've ever got through that, the distance, your pasts...everything. If you want to start a future, I know you two can. But that's something you two have to discuss on your own.

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