They Don't Know About Us

Hi, my name is Scarlett. I'm writing an article for a magazine. The topic is high school stories. A flashback into the past is exactly what I need for this article. So I called in a few friends to help me explain everything. It's like a story book, coming to life.
I was a shy junior, who moved schools, so many times because of getting bullied. It's my first day of school, & I've already made new friends...Harry, Louis, Liam, & Niall. This year will change more to find out how.
(Present time to past time)


24. Past & Sass 101

~~Niall's house~~

Louis's POV:

I drove everyone over to Niall's house; before I went into the house, I got a call from Liam.

Liam: hello, Louis?

Louis: yeah mate, what's up?

Liam: yeah, uh I dropped Zayn off at his house, talked to him, then he fell asleep. So, I'm heading out of here and was wondering where everyone was.

Louis: uh yeah mate...we are all at Niall's.

Liam: alright thanks Louis, see ya soon.

Louis: see ya. *close to hitting the end button*

Liam: wait, Louis!

Louis: yeah Liam?

Liam: uh Zayn said that he was dating Perrie when he tried to get with Scarlett...should we tell her?

Louis: how about we talk to the others, to see what they think first.

Liam: alright mate, see you soon.

Louis: see ya mate.

~~call ended~~

I walked up to the stairs, and walked into the house. I saw Niall in the kitchen, Harry in the living room, and Scarlett...well, I didn't see her. I walked around the house; first downstairs...she wasn't there, then upstairs, she wasn't there. I ran downstairs, tripping on my feet, but catching myself.

Harry: yo Louis, what are you doing?

Louis: Harry! Where's Scarlett?

Harry: uhhh the last time I checked she was with Niall in the kitchen.

We both walked to the kitchen, but only Niall was there, drinking a glass of milk and eating chocolate chip cookies.

Louis: mate, where is Scarlett?

Niall: she's outside, see? *pointing out the window*

We look out the window to see Scarlett. She was sitting in the grass, with a guitar in her hands. She started strumming on the guitar, but we couldn't hear anything.

Louis: open the window a bit, would ya?

Harry did what I asked, then stepped back from the window. We heard the tune she was strumming, and she started singing. 

Niall: what is she singing?

Louis: I don't know...let's get closer.

Harry opened the door quietly and stepped out; Niall and I followed his foot steps. Scarlett continued strumming and singing; she was singing "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" by Meghan Trainor.

Once she played her last note, she put the guitar down right next to her, laid down in the grass, and stared at the sky. Niall walked over, sat down, and started singing "Little Things." She closed her eyes and smiled. Liam tapped my shoulder from behind, I smiled at him to acknowledge his presence. Harry walked over, as Liam & I followed; we started singing with Niall. Scarlett sat up from the grass, and sang along too. After the song ended, without a word, Scarlett's eyes widened & ran into the house.

Niall: oh no *complaining voice*

Harry: what is it?

Niall: her period.

Liam: good luck in that hell mate.

Niall: she's not that bad, I just don't like her sass & attitude that comes along with it.

Louis: if you think Scarlett has never had sass or attitude, you're blind my friend.

Niall: no I mean, well you'll see.

We all settled ourselves on the couches in the living room. Scarlett came down the stairs in gray sweatpants, a black t-shirt, colorful socks, & her hair in a messy bun.

Louis: yo mate, have fun controlling yourself. *whispers to Niall*

Niall: what do you mean? *whispers*

Louis: I remember you saying something about you loving her in comfy clothes. Especially in those sweats, man that ass, you're lucky, mate. *teases; whispers*

Niall: oh shut up mate. *slaps Louis's arm*

Louis: Ouch!

Niall laughed and looked at Scarlett. He got up from the couch & walked over to her; he whispered something in her ear, which made her blush...naughty naughty Niall *smirk*. They come to sit on the couch; they snuggle up together & start whispering each other. I looked around at the lads & I saw that Harry was acting strange.

Louis: Harry, you alright?

Harry: not really...I don't know what to get Sabrina for our 6 month anniversary.

Scarlett: Harry, that's in 2 months.

Harry: yeah, but we'll be back in the recording studio, so I need to plan now.

Scarlett. Well I'm sure whatever you plan, she'll love it either way, as long as you're there with her for it.

Harry smiled & nodded at her response. I sat & thought for awhile.

Louis: Scarlett...when are you meeting Niall's mom to plan the wedding?

Scarlett: oh uh, Niall, when is your mom free?

Niall: I'll go give her a call. I'll be right back love. *pecks Scarlett's lips; gets up from the couch*

While Niall got up & left the room to call his mom, Scarlett looked down at her fingers, and she looked nervous.

Louis: love, are you alright?

Scarlett: yeah I'm just nervous.

Harry: if you're not ready and having second thoughts, I'm sure Niall will understand.

Scarlett: no no, I want to marry Niall..,but I'm worried about meeting up with his parents again...last time didn't go so well.

Liam: what happened when you met them?

Scarlett: well...Niall told them we were going to have a baby....but we never did. I don't know if Niall told them about the miscarriage or not.

Louis: do you want me to ask Niall?

Scarlett: no I'll ask him. Thank you though. I'll wait until he comes back.

Niall walks into the room moments later.

Niall: alright so next week, we can pack up and head to Ireland, is that okay love?

Harry: are we coming? *pointing at the guys and him*

Niall: if you want to come, of course!

Harry: yes! *fist bumps the air*

Scarlett: Niall, dear. Did you tell your mom that I had a miscarriage?

Niall: don't worry love, I told her a few days after I left for tour.

Scarlett: okay, I just wanted to make sure.

Niall: is next week okay for you?

Scarlett: yep. Can Sabrina come?

Harry: yes! I mean, if it's cool with Niall. 

Niall: of course mate. *laugh*

We all laughed as Harry rubbed the back of his neck nervously. I looked over at Scarlett and Niall, to seemed kinda distant. Scarlett was holding her stomach and she looked sick; Niall was rubbing his forehead in frustration. They seemed out of it...I wonder what's wrong. I decided to wait until later to ask them, I feel like this might be too private to reveal right now.

Harry: hey I'm going to hangout with Sabrina. I'll see ya guys later. Bye! *heads out the door*

Liam: yeah, I'm going to get some food, you guys want anything?

Louis: uh yeah mate, can you get me some Nandos.

Scarlett: yeah me too, just get my usual...but 2 orders.

Louis: hungry love?

Scarlett: I don't know why...but yeah, I'm extremely hungry.

Niall: love, are you sure you're feeling okay?

Scarlett: yeah, I think, anyways.

Niall nodded his head, but he looked nervous. I made eye contact with him, and I saw that he was really tired. I made a questioning look in his direction, he shrugged me off. He never does that! Something definitely has to be going on.

Liam: alright, I'll be back soon. Oh, Louis. Do you want to come with?

Louis: uh maybe next time mate...I might take a nap or something, I'm quite tired.

Liam: alright mate, see ya. *headed out the door*

~~Silence; looks exchanged~~

Scarlett: shit...I'll be right back. I don't feel to good.

She runs to the restroom, with Niall right behind her. I walk behind them...and hear them talking.

Niall: Scarlett, are you--

Scarlett: no...I can't be.

Niall: but Scarlett...we didn't--

Scarlett: I'm taking birth control can't be.

Niall: umm...Scarlett, these expired about 2 months ago.

Niall looked at the box with birth control pills. I slowly walked in & asked...

Louis: hey guys, is there anything I can help with?

Niall: I think Scarlett is pregnant...

Louis: what?

Scarlett: I've been taking birth control pills, how though?

Louis: if they're expired, they won't work. You might be pregnant Scarlett.

Scarlett: but I can't be,, ugh. I'm not ready.

Niall: we'll get through this together love.

Scarlett: Niall, I can't have a child right now, not before the wedding. 

Niall: it's not a guarantee that you're could just be sick.

Scarlett: I hope so, I'm not ready.

Niall: I know baby, I know *opens his arms; she runs into his arms*

They stood there and hugged for quite some time. I quietly walked downstairs and sat on the couch. I turned on the tv, but that's when I realized I fell asleep...I started to dream.

*~~Louis's dream~~*

 I'm sitting on the couch, when I hear Scarlett singing. I got up and headed to the kitchen where she was cooking some lunch. I walked in, and she was in booty shorts, a sports bra, colorful mismatch socks, and her hair was in a messy bun. She's never dressed like that before; she turned around with a wide smile on her face.

Scarlett: hey babe.

I looked around, she talking to me?

Louis: where's Niall? 

Scarlett: uhh he's with Sophia...why?

Louis: if he's your boyfriend, then why is he with Sophia? And why'd you call me babe?

Scarlett: he's dating Sophia...and you're my boyfriend, silly. *preppy tone*

She walked towards me with a smirk on her face. She placed her hand on my chest, and leaned in. 

Scarlett: you...are the one I want.

Louis: I can't. You're my mate's girlfriend...this is just a dream.

Scarlett: if it's a dream, then how do you feel about this?

She smashed our lips together,  was shocked...I didn't know what to do. I started to kiss am I doing? I mean this is just a dream, but why am I dreaming about dating Niall's girl? She moved her hands down my chest, to the edge of my jeans...she messed with my belt. She broke the kiss, but looked at me with passion in her eyes. 

Scarlett: I want you.

Louis: I can't. I won't.

Scarlett: why not? I'm not Niall's. Don't you want to?

Louis: *silence*

Scarlett: hello? Earth to Louis?

Louis: I do...but I can't. You're one of my best mate's girlfriends...I would never do that to him.

The setting faded out, everything became lighter (end of dream), and I heard screaming.

Scarlett: Niall, you don't understand!

Niall: I can't understand, because you won't explain to me. *calm tone*

Scarlett: I're going back on tour, and I have my job.

Niall: We are all talking to Simon about a two year break...that's enough time. If you are pregnant, then I'll be with you every step of the way. I will marry you before you have the baby, so it's less stress on your part, since you told me that you want your wedding pictures as you are right now. I will help as much as I can with the wedding. Anything you want, I'll get it for you.

Scarlett: Niall...I...I just don't know. 

Niall: anything you decide...I'll be by your side. *kisses her forehead*

I was pretending to be asleep, to hear what's going on. I know that's wrong, but that's the only way I get to know things around here.

*few minutes of silence*

I was about to sit up, from laying on the couch, but then they started talking again.

Niall: Do you remember...the day we went to the beach, like when I got hit with a surfboard?

Scarlett: yeah, I remember. Why?

Niall: because...when we went shopping for your bikini, and the guys tagged along...we talked a bit.

Scarlett: really? what about?

Niall: about how beautiful you were, how you look perfect in anything, how when before you left me alone in the hotel room the week before...I changed your mind and you stayed because I changed your plane ticket.

Scarlett: and I don't regret a thing *cheesy smile*

Niall: yeah that was a great day. 

Scarlett: every day is a great day when I'm with you. *cheesy smile; peck on Niall's lips*

Niall: And I'm looking forward to a big eventful future, with my beautiful soon-to-be wife.

Scarlett: me too, love.

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