They Don't Know About Us

Hi, my name is Scarlett. I'm writing an article for a magazine. The topic is high school stories. A flashback into the past is exactly what I need for this article. So I called in a few friends to help me explain everything. It's like a story book, coming to life.
I was a shy junior, who moved schools, so many times because of getting bullied. It's my first day of school, & I've already made new friends...Harry, Louis, Liam, & Niall. This year will change more to find out how.
(Present time to past time)


8. Mornin'

--Next Morning--

Niall's POV:


Louis: I feel like they are going to wake up better post that before they do.

Liam: oh trust me, I'm already on it.


Nial: w-what are you guys doing? *rubbing eyes*

Harry: ohhh nothing...RUN!

Scarlett: they've been in her for the last 15 minutes. I didn't want to wake you, so I didn't move.

Niall: you know they took pictures of us sleeping, right?

Scarlett: yep...what will Simon say?

Niall: nothing...I think...I hope.

Scarlett's POV:

We get up out of the bed and walk hand in hand to the kitchen.

Harry: Mornin' love birds...nothing happened last night? or do i have to wash the bed sheets. *smirk*

Scarlett: interrupted that with your need for lady advice. *smirk*

Niall lost his sh*t...he busted out laughing and so did the other guys.

Liam: that was great Scarlett.

I smiled, knowing that I won. 

Scarlett: so anyways...did you guys see the note?

Louis: yep...we all called up the girls and they'll be here around noon, like you said.

Scarlett: alright good. So...Harry: are you going to hangout with Bianca this morning?

Harry: she was busy this morning...but she's hanging out with us at the mall.

I starting giggling...trying not to make it noticeable...that didn't work.

Harry: why are you laughing?

Scarlett: little white lies...that's why. *slightly laughing*

Louis: what do you mean? What are little white lies?

Scarlett: really? None of you know what little white lies are?

The guys shake their heads.

Scarlett: ok's kinda hard to explain, but they are like small little lies that won't harm anything. She told you that, to give her a little more time to get ready for the mall trip; she wants to look good. She's also setting you up for a little mind game....every girl does that. Like....well never mind.

Harry: Never mind what?

Scarlett: nothing... Her eyes will say what you two are doing, the opposite of what her mouth she will say things's getting late and that she doesn't know if she can stay. That's part of the mind game. You have to learn to play the right way...then, you'll get what you what...her.

Harry: okay I think I understand.

Louis: have you used the mind games on Niall?

Scarlett: no....*whispers* not yet.

Liam heard me...causing him to smirk and laugh.

Liam: yeah not yet. Girls use it for different reasons too...correct?

Scarlett: before sex...they'll say they have to go...but their eyes show lust and pure innocence.

Niall's face became bright red...causing the guys to laugh and for me to roll my eyes.

Scarlett: leave him alone guys. Now, it's 11:25, so get yourselves ready, wear something nice, but casual. And if you need approval, I'll be getting ready...wait! I don't have my clothes.

Harry: You can use some of my sister's. Gemma's clothes will most likely fit you.

Scarlett: oh okay...are you sure?

Harry: yeah go ahead...I'm sure she won't mind. Her room is the last down the hall.

Scarlett: okay, thanks

I turn around, walk to Gemma's room, I walk to her clothes and saw a beautiful lime-green dress. I grab it off the hanger, and saw/grab a gorgeous pair of black heels. I walk into the restroom to get ready. I take a 10 minute shower...get out and dry my hair. I put on the dress, but I couldn't zip it up since I couldn't reach behind my back very well.

Scarlett: Niall? *slightly yelling*

Niall: yes? *coming out of the bedroom*

Scarlett: can you please zip this up? *turning around*

Niall: of course my princess.

I just smiled, turned around once he finished zipping up the dress, and kissed him. It had sparks...more than usual. I pull away smiling, along with him smiling as well.

Niall: I-I love you. *faint whispering*

Scarlett: I love you too. 

He kissed me again, then we pulled apart... I backed up back into the restroom, slowly closing the door; he's slowing backing up into the bedroom...doing the same.

I turn to the mirror and smile. I looked at the time and saw that I had 10 minutes. So I dried my hair the rest of the way, and just brushed it out to keep my natural straight hair, instead of the curled hair I went to school with. I put on the black heels, checking one last time in the mirror, then turned around to face the door.

I walked out, and put my stuff in the bedroom; then, headed to the living room and got blank stares from the guys.

Scarlett: what?

Niall: you look beautiful.

The other guys nodded, resulting in a playful glare for Niall.

Louis: you better lock her down soon, or someone else will.

Scarlett: give it at least a year.

Niall: I'm ready when you are. *cheesy smile; wink*

I just laughed at how weird they were being. The door bell rang shortly after, revealing the girls I talked with at the party. They were all in dresses...I guess great minds think a like.

Scarlett: hey ladies, ready do go shopping? *hugging each of them*

Luna: absolutely! I haven't been shopping for these things in a year...I was always busy for the other parties.

Scarlett: well, this is my first, so you all will have to help me with the dress picking.

Bianca: girl, you'll do great....besides, it looks like you have great taste anyways haha.

Scarlett: haha thanks chica.

We all laughed and then turned around to the guys. They were all looking at us, smirking and laughing. 

Karmen: What are you boys smirking at?

Louis: oh nothing love...just talking to my mates. We were talking about the red carpet event next weekend, that's all. Nothing more.

Luna: yeah...and what they plan to happen after the party. *she whispers to us*

All of us laughed...and I blushed slightly.

Luna: oh gosh'll have fun with that. *winking*

Scarlett: shhhh Luna, not yet. Besides you'll have fun with Liam, Karmen with Louis, and Bianca with Harry.

The girls: Hey!

Us girls all laughed again...we turn back around to see them all confused...which made us laugh louder.

Harry: what are you ladies laughing at?

Bianca: oh nothing Harry *winking*

Harry: did you just wink at me?

Bianca: hmm I don't know, did I?

Harry: I think--

Louis: okay okay you two, that can be discussed later. We need to get to the mall.

Bianca: Louis is right, we should go. *winks at Harry again, causing him to laugh and rub the back of his head*

We all head out to the two cars we are splitting up in. The guys in one, and the girls in another; the guys have their own drivers assigned by the agency, so we didn't have to drive.

--20 minutes later; at the mall--

We arrived at the mall...we got out of the car, seeing the guys teasing Niall about something.

Scarlett: what now?

Niall: they keep asking me about last night.

Louis: yeah, what happened?

Scarlett: that is none of your business *smirking*

Liam: Niall you got yourself a feisty girl.

Niall: ah mate, that's how I like them *winking at Scarlett; causing her to laugh*

*next chapter- Inside the mall*

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