They Don't Know About Us

Hi, my name is Scarlett. I'm writing an article for a magazine. The topic is high school stories. A flashback into the past is exactly what I need for this article. So I called in a few friends to help me explain everything. It's like a story book, coming to life.
I was a shy junior, who moved schools, so many times because of getting bullied. It's my first day of school, & I've already made new friends...Harry, Louis, Liam, & Niall. This year will change more to find out how.
(Present time to past time)


7. Helping Harry/Red Carpet Discussion

Scarlett's POV:

Heading outside, I see Harry panicking in his seat and bouncing his leg. I personally find it adorable that he gets nervous about this kind of stuff...he must really like her. I sit down in a seat across from Harry, while Niall takes a seat beside him. I needed to get my point across, and the only way he could properly take my advice, is if he sees my face. He looks up at me and nervously smiles.

Scarlett: so Harry, who's this girl?

Harry: umm you know her, she was at the party, and you had a conversation with her. *placing his head in his hands*

Scarlett: let me guess....Bianca?

Harry: *looks up from his hands; quickly* how'd you know that?

Scarlett: welll...let me explain this to you. *pause* girls have this instinct, to know when their guy friends like a girl. We see how our guy friend treats us, and compare it to other girls. We don't do it on purpose...we do it absent-mindlessly. Us girls, tend to become clueless when we are involved int the situation. We also use these senses to evaluate whether or not the girl likes you back...and in all honestly... I think she does.

Harry: you got all that from a few hours at a party with us?

Scarlett: no actually, It's basic logic really. That's why the girls at school hate me now, that's why they tripped me.

Niall: wait what?

Scarlett: I'm just saying that the girls realized that you liked me before I did, causing their jealousy to get the best of them, which resulted in them tripping me, trying to make me look bad.

Harry: so you're saying that the girl involved is actually clueless, denies everything, until the guy says something?

Scarlett: that is correct.

Harry: then how did you know Niall liked you?

Scarlett: uhhhhh...i saw it in his eyes??

Harry: you're lying. *smirking*

Scarlett: whaaaaatttt?

Niall: how'd you know I liked you?

Scarlett: ughhh, ok, you guys talk really loudly, and I heard your conversation.

Niall: how much? *nervously asking*



Niall: so what do you think?

Scarlett: I agree with you *smiling*

Niall: *sigh* oh my gosh, thank you lord.

Scarlett: haha okay, now back to Harry's situation. What questions do you have?

Harry: is it obvious? that i like her?

Scarlett: to me...yes. She's extremely clueless.

Harry: you think she likes me back?

Niall: you sound like a freshman boy in love *trying not to laugh*

Scarlett: Niall!! *Niall holds his hands up in surrender* I think it's great that you're asking these questions, Harry. Most guys just assume that the girl likes them, you're doing the right thing coming to us, your friends.

Harry smiled and continued to listen.

Scarlett: but yes... I do believe that she likes you. How you might ask? Well she looks at her feet every time you look at her, she smiles and looks at you differently, every time someone mentions your name...her eyes light up and she pays so much attention...also when you talk to her...she messes with her hair, her fingers, and her hand rests on her elbow. Those things are huge signals that a girl is nervous and/or likes you.'s been so long...I finally see it. Oh my gosh...thank you Scarlett, thank you NIall! *getting up and giving her a hug; high-fiving Niall* I'm going to call her, to ask if she wants to have coffee or something in the morning. I'll be back.

Scarlett: ok, I wish you luck haha.

Harry walks further into the front yard to call Bianca. 

Niall: you did great Scarlett. 

Scarlett: thank you Niall. *getting up; taking a seat next to Niall*

Niall: are all those things true? They bullied you.

Scarlett: yeah...I'm too shy to tell them to stop.

Niall: if only they knew that you were dating a pop star....wait that's a great idea!

Scarlett: what's a great idea? *looks nervous*

Niall: well...the boys and I are having to attend a red carpet soon, and we each need to bring a girl...friend or girlfriend. Would you like to attend the red carpet with me?

Scarlett: a red carpet? uhh yeah sure...but how am i going to dress? I can't afford a beautiful red carpet dress...

Niall: in my opinion, you'll look beautiful in any dress you wear...but if you're that concerned, I will buy you a dress.

Scarlett: no no're not buying me a dress...I'll just find a job.

Niall: nope, please...I want to do this for you. I'll even go dress shopping with you.'s our day off given to us by the agency, so the guys can call up their girlfriends or "girl friends" to go shopping for all of you.

Scarlett: but...

Niall: please? *puppy dog eyes*

Scarlett: ughh fine, but just because you're cute. *earning a cheesy smile from Niall*

Niall: I'll tell the guys in the morning...lets go inside, we can finish the movie.

Scarlett: alright sounds good to me...oh, I'll leave them a note...just in case they get up before us.

Niall: alright...I'll meet you in the bedroom, I'll get the movie ready.

Scarlett: okay *pecking him on the cheek*

I walk into the kitchen and grab a pencil and a piece of paper. I write my note...


Dear boys,

I wanted to let you know that Niall and I are going shopping for the red carpet tomorrow. So call up your lady friends *wink wink*, so we can all hangout at the mall. Oh, and we'll be leaving around noon. 

Niall's girl,

Scarlett :)


I walked back to the bedroom and found Niall asleep in the bed. I smiled before walking over and gently taking the computer from out of his hands, closing it and placing it on the night stand. I kissed him gently on the lips before walking over to the other side of the bed, getting under the covers and laying next to him. About 35 minutes later of me just laying there...restless, he rolled over and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. I felt safer, and I fell asleep soon after that moment. 

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